How To Clean a Microwave Oven?

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Most of us forget the microwave during regular kitchen cleaning sessions. Yes, its external surface enjoys frequent wipe downs, but what about the remnants that lurks inside?

Well, they generally remain hidden and eventually start creating problems.

If you don’t know how to clean a microwave, trust us; you are not the only one. According to a study, 8 out of 10 individuals forgets or don’t know how to maintain such a kitchen appliance.

Tips on How To Clean Your Microwave Oven

However, without regular cleaning, the microwave will not perform as per your expectations. So, let’s discuss some of the easiest ways to remove dirt and grime from this instrument.

Mix Lemon With Water

You can use lemon to remove dried stains and smells from a microwave. Take a bowl with half-full water and add some lemon slices. You can also mix several spoons of vinegar instead of lemon. Heat the water until it boils and the microwave’s window becomes steamy.

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Wipe Down the Microwave

Leave the mixture indoors for 15 minutes and then open the microwave’s door. Wipe down the internal area of the microwave using kitchen paper. Wipe the doors and knobs of the appliance as well.

Be Gentle

Some of the microwaves come with painted or acrylic interior. To clean them, you need a mixture of warm water and washing liquid.

Use a soft cloth to clean the microwave using the solution. Please do not use any abrasive otherwise; it will damage the surface.

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If you Own a Combination Microwave

Most combination microwaves are built with stainless-steel interiors and can get grimy and greased, similar to traditional ovens. You can try a surface cleaner to deal with the dirt, but such solutions can leave a smell that can easily get mixed with your eatables.

So, we suggest that you use a specialized microwave cleaning spray. Spray the liquid on a soft cloth and clean the surface.

Apart from the interiors, you need to take care of the rotational glass plate as well. You can clean it inside a dishwasher.

However, check the manufacturer’s manual to know the correct cleaning instructions. Also, keep your kitchen ventilated while cleaning the microwave. Open the doors, windows and turn on the exhaust fan.

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Don’t Forget the Seals

Use a damp cloth to clean the rubber seal. You will find a lot of dirt hidden inside the seal. Vinegar is the best liquid to clean the window. Mix vinegar with water and clean the window.


A clean and hygienic microwave makes you proud feeling. You can keep it spotless using the method we discussed above. Lemon or vinegar will not only help you to remove stuck-on grease, but they will also tackle any smells.

We suggest that you wipe down the microwave once every week because spills are every day when you cook or reheat.


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