Flatbed Microwave Vs Turntable Microwave

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Which one is better for your household; a turntable or flatbed microwave? Well, the answer depends upon your usage and budget.

Here, we will describe both variants, which will help you while making the purchase.

Let’s start with a turntable microwave. These instruments use a turntable at their bottom to distribute the microwaves evenly inside the eatables.

On the other hand, flatbed microwaves do not use a turntable for cooking or reheating your food items. Instead, these kitchen appliances have a flat base wherein the microwaves are rotated via an antenna fitted underneath the microwave’s floor.

A flatbed microwave is expensive than its turntable variants, but the former is common in US homes.

Do you know why? Because the flatbed models cook food uniformly without the need of a turntable. Plus, flat base variants are also easy to clean.

Do you use a microwave too often? If the answer is negative, then why bear the additional cost of a flatbed variant?

On the other hand, if you live in a busy household wherein a microwave is frequently required, you can invest some extra amount to try a flatbed model.


How Flatbed Microwaves Work?

As we discussed earlier, a flatbed microwave distributes the radiation using a rotating antenna. This component fitted in the base replaces a turntable that is common in traditional microwaves. So, you get more space that is useful for large plates or meals. You will find three different types of flatbed microwaves in the UK market:

Solo flatbed microwave: An entry-level flatbed microwave, solo or basic microwave models can perform essential functions, including reheat and defrost. As these variants offer limited features, you can get one of them at a pocket-friendly price tag. A great option if you need an efficient and reliable microwave.

Combination flatbed microwave: As you understand from its name, combination flatbed microwaves offer many features that you can use independently or in fusion to prepare food items. You can use roasting, browning, crisping, and grilling to cook a wide variety of dishes, which could be your weekend party preparation or a special occasion like Christmas or your birthday.

The combination model is comparatively expensive than solo models because the former comes with multiple functionalities. Depending upon the make and model, you can find a combo flatbed microwave anywhere between £150 to £500.

Grill flatbed microwave: Not common in UK households, grill microwaves have all the solo variant functions. In addition, they also have a grilling feature. These models are costly than the solo variants because they are more convenient to use.


Advantages of A Flatbed Microwave

High capacity: None of the flatbed microwaves comes with an internal turntable, which means it does not need additional space to rotate the food item. So, it’s simple to understand that flatbed models offer comparatively bigger cooking space.

Apart from that, flatbed variants are available in a wide range of sizes. So, you can choose one of them according to the open space in your kitchen. For instance, you can try a small flatbed microwave if you own a small kitchen. Similarly, you can go for a large model if you are living with a big family.

Easy cleaning: This is the most significant benefit of a flatbed microwave. As these models do not comprise a turntable like a traditional microwave, you can easily clean the internal splatters and spills.

Evenly cooked food: Flatbed microwaves tend to cook food items more evenly when compared to turntable variants. It generally happens because flatbeds use the latest mechanization to reheat and cook your meals. For instance, Panasonic NN-SF464MBPQ uses Inverter Technology to provide superior cooking results. It means you don’t have to reheat your pizza repeatedly to take out those cold blotches.

Less damage: Most of the times, a turntable microwave’s internal plate gets damaged while you are cooking, which interrupts the process. But, the situation is different with a flatbed because there is no turntable. Due to low number of movable parts, a flat base model lasts longer than traditional ones.


Disadvantages of A Flatbed Microwave

The flatbed microwaves are comparatively expensive because they are built upon the latest technologies. However, not all the models are costly. You can get a high-quality flat-base microwave for £200. But, don’t worry because the prices will be more pocket-friendly in the future.


How Do Turntable Microwaves Work?

Turntable Microwave

Traditional microwaves release powerful radiations called microwaves, which bounces over the internal metallic surface until they cook your eatables. These microwaves are generated by a small mechanical component called a magnetron.

Once these waves reach your food item, they vibrate its internal water molecules to generate heat. The higher the beatings, the hotter your meal will get. Some microwaves have a fixed magnetron, but some models also come with a dynamic microwave transmitter.

Traditional microwaves come with a turntable that rotates your food item and cooks it evenly. This table is generally made of glass, and it turns on a small circular track. This rotation makes sure there are no cool patches on your food item.

The rotation of the turnplate also minimizes the number of times you need to stir your food item. This turntable rotates clockwise sometimes, but it can turn anti-clockwise as well. So, no need to worry if you notice something similar.


Advantages of A Turntable Microwave

Price tag: The primary advantage of a turntable microwave is that they are available at budget-friendly price. Flatbed models are expensive. Plus, they are not available in a wide range of shapes and sizes right now.

Evenly cooked food: With the help of a turntable, the traditional microwaves ensure uniform reheating or cooking of your food items.


Disadvantages of A Turntable Microwave

Low capacity: You cannot place large plates and odd-shaped containers inside a turntable microwave. At least cannot you cannot do it without hitting the sides. Plus, such variants offer less vertical space due to the rotational plate and its track.

Spills: If you are reheating a dish full of liquid, then there are chances that some of it might spill out due to the rotating turntable.

Tough to clean: A turntable microwave is built with multiple crevices and cracks that you cannot clean easily. Plus, it will help if you clean the glass plate as well. Hence, taking care of a traditional microwave is tough as compared to flatbed models.

Now you know how a flatbed and turntable work. Plus, you also know what the disadvantages of these two variants are. So, you can understand which one of them is better for your kitchen.



Investing in a flatbed microwave might be a better idea if you regularly cook or reheat the food items in your kitchen.

Such an appliance is also useful for commercial establishments like restaurants, schools and workplaces.

Flatbed models are best for places with high number of users as these appliances are easy to maintain.

On the other hand, you could try a turntable microwave in a small family. It’s perfect even if you are living as a bachelor. In other words, a traditional model is ideal if you don’t use it too often.