What Gas For BBQ Should You Use?

what gas for bbq

Our minds automatically lean to the great outdoors, to spending dreamy leisure in the garden, and grilling delicious steaks now that summer has finally arrived (kind of). Whether you have purchased a new gas BBQ or are pulling your old one out of storage, you undoubtedly need a new gas bottle. But which gas is … Read more

What Is Dual Fuel Cooker? – Everything Explained

what is dual fuel cooker

If you are looking for answers about what is dual fuel cooker and how it works? This blog post is for you. A dual-fuel cooker is a kitchen appliance that uses two types of fuel, typically natural gas and electricity. This type of cooker is popular in many households because it offers the best of … Read more

Convection Microwave Oven

convection microwave oven

Microwave or oven, which one is better for your kitchen? Well, it’s a tricky question. But, what if we tell you that you don’t have to choose one among them. It’s fitting because a convection microwave has combined the best features of both devices. Convection microwaves are not new to the market, but not all … Read more

Microwave Oven Vs Conventional Oven

Microwave oven vs conventional oven

If you are looking for a cooking solution but don’t know the differences between a conventional oven and a microwave oven, you are on the right page. Microwave and microwave oven are the same devices, which is an appliance that uses microwave radiations to cook or heat eatables. However, an oven is slightly different because … Read more

Different Types of Microwave Ovens in the Market


Most people that don’t know much about microwaves erroneously think there’s only one kind. Well, they’re wrong. Microwave ovens come in up to three variants. There’s the solo microwave, the grill microwave, and the convection microwave. The most basic of these three microwave types is the solo. The grill microwave is a slightly more advanced … Read more