Microwave Oven Vs Conventional Oven

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If you are looking for a cooking solution but don’t know the differences between a conventional oven and a microwave oven, you are on the right page.

Microwave and microwave oven are the same devices, which is an appliance that uses microwave radiations to cook or heat eatables.

However, an oven is slightly different because it uses a heating element that raises the air temperature inside, heats up and cooks our meals.

Microwave Oven Vs Conventional Oven

How Does a Microwave Oven Work?

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A microwave oven uses electromagnetic radiation to heat or cook food. Microwaves are a variety of electromagnetic radiations that are more extended than infrared but shorter than radio waves.

A microwave oven generates microwaves using a magnetron, which sounds like one of the Transformers, but it churns out electrons using a heated filament. This action generates the microwaves you need to reheat or cook your meals.

So what’s the best point? These electromagnetic radiations do not reheat the whole internal space. Instead, they only focus on raising the temperature of your meal.

Microwave ovens are extremely easy to use. You need to place the eatables inside, press the timer to set the cooking period and over. Wait for the duration, and it will reheat your pizza.

You will find microwaves in multiple other uses apart from cooking. For example, it is generally used for establishing communications, radar and specific industrial works.

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How Does a Conventional Oven Work?


A conventional oven does the same job of cooking and reheating your meals, but it follows a different process. These devices do not use electromagnetic radiations.

Instead, they use a metal element, wood or electric current as a resource to heat your eatables.

An oven gives you a temperature gauge, which helps you to choose the cooking temperature. The convection oven uses a fan to distribute the heat evenly.

Such a kitchen device heats the entire internal chamber, not only your food. The heated air will then reheat your pasta.

You can get a conventional oven for multiple purposes, including grill, toast and bake. However, the microwave might not offer all of these features.

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Bottom Line

So, if you compare these two, which one will come out as a winner?

Well, you should not choose one over another because these two appliances give you the best results when they work together. A microwave is a very convenient device, but it should not be your primary cooking tool.

If you want to cook meals, then try a conventional oven. However, make sure they have all the required features.

The price tag could be high for a high-end oven, but it’s worth your investment. Don’t worry about the cost, because you can find a wide range of ovens or cookers at reasonably priced on Amazon.

You should purchase a microwave separately. Whether you want a quick meal or defrost the seafood you left in the freezer; a microwave is the best solution. None of the other machines can match its speed.