What Gas For BBQ Should You Use?

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Our minds automatically lean to the great outdoors, to spending dreamy leisure in the garden, and grilling delicious steaks now that summer has finally arrived (kind of).

Whether you have purchased a new gas BBQ or are pulling your old one out of storage, you undoubtedly need a new gas bottle. But which gas is best for your barbecue? And where may one purchase it?

After reading this article, you will get answers to all these questions and it will become easier to understand what gas for BBQ you should use.

LPG Gas For BBQ – Overview

A BBQ is not complete without the right gas. LP gas, or liquefied petroleum gas, is a type of hydrocarbon gas that is commonly used for BBQs. It is odourless, colourless, and non-toxic, making it a safe and convenient option for cooking.

LP gas is also highly combustible, so it’s important to use it with caution. When grilling with LP gas, be sure to keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case of an emergency. Butane and propane are two different forms of LPG.

What Distinguishes Butane From Propane Gas?

what gas for bbq

Gas is just gas, right? Nope! Butane and propane gas have important differences.

Butane gas is mostly used for indoor portable heaters, single-burner cooking equipment, and camping. Butane, which has a boiling point of -2oC, is frequently less expensive than propane.

Large appliances and commercial heating are the two main uses of propane gas. With a boiling point of -42 degrees Celsius, propane can be utilized all year long. Propane is the finest fuel if you wish to use your barbecue or another gadget in freezing weather.

Both types of gas can be used on a BBQ, but propane is the favored choice. Beyond these distinctions, each form of gas has several advantages, which we have listed below.

 Advantages Of Using Butane Gas For Barbecues:

what gas for bbq

1. Butane Gas Is More Efficient Than Other Fuel Sources

One of the main advantages of using butane gas for barbecues is that it is more efficient than other fuel sources. This means that you will use less butane gas in order to achieve the same results as you would with other fuel sources.

This also means that you will save money in the long run by using butane gas as your primary fuel source for barbecues.

2. Butane Gas Produces Minimal Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Another advantage of using butane gas is that it produces minimal carbon dioxide emissions. This is important because it means that you will be doing your part to help reduce greenhouse gases and climate change.

Additionally, it also means that your food will not taste like smoke because there will be less smoke produced from the barbecue.

3. Butane Gas Is Easy To Transport And Store

Butane gas is also very easy to transport and store which makes it a great choice for those who want to BBQ on the go. All you need is a small canister of butane gas and you can take your BBQ with you wherever you go.

Additionally, if you have a spare canister of butane gas, you can easily store it without taking up much space.

4. Butane Gas Works Well In All Weather Conditions

Another great advantage of using butane gas is that it works well in all weather conditions. Whether it is sunny or raining, snowing or windy, butane gas will still provide you with a consistent cook every time.

This makes it a great choice for those who live in areas with unpredictable weather conditions.

5. Butane Gas Ignition Is Quick And Easy

Finally, another advantage of using butane gas is that ignition is quick and easy. This means that you spend less time waiting for your barbecue to heat up and more time enjoying the food that you have cooked.

It also means that if you need to restart your barbecue, it will only take a few seconds instead of minutes like other fuel sources.

Advantages Of Propane Gas For Grilling

There are several extra benefits to the usage of this propane gas with your BBQ. These benefits include:

  1. The ability to run without issues throughout the entire year is arguably the largest advantage of using propane gas. That is a result of its boiling point being -42 . 1. If you routinely barbeque, propane can keep you cooking even in the wintertime when it’s cold.
  2. Similar to butane, propane gas burns instantly and effectively. Propane ignites swiftly and soon reaches its maximal heat output. Propane is an excellent choice if you want to cook on your gas grill in a quick, practical, and straightforward manner.
  3. Usefulness – Just like butane, propane gas is a fuel source that is simple to use. You just need to connect the gas bottle to your BBQ, let the gas get to the device, and turn on the ignition to start cooking with gas!
  4. Taste: This is an unusual benefit, but some individuals believe that food cooked on butane-powered BBQs does not taste as nice as food cooked on propane-powered BBQs. Since everyone has different tastes, we’ll let you make your own decision.

Other Things To Consider

what gas for bbq

You must choose the type of gas you should use for your BBQ in addition to the type of gas bottle you should use. There are various types of gas bottles available for use with your BBQ.

Patio Gas Cans:

Small “patio bottles” of gas are conveniently available. These were developed particularly for use with outdoor appliances like BBQs. Patio gas bottles are normally filled with propane.

They also make it easier to attach the gas bottle to your grill because they are designed to interact with regulators, which will be covered in more detail later. Additionally, some patio gas brands have a gauge on the side of the bottle that shows how much gas is still inside.

Patio gas bottles are often smaller than other types of gas bottles. Purchasable 5 kg patio gas bottles can be kept within or underneath your barbeque. If you need a bit extra gas, patio gas bottles up to 13kg in size are available.

Instead of the red or blue bottles stated above, some patio gas bottles might be green. In contrast to other types of propane gas bottles/cylinders, green patio gas bottles will have a clip-on regulator. These points will undoubtedly assist you in determining Which gas for BBQ should you use.

Containers For Propane Gas:

These huge gas bottles may have been seen in industrial estates. Instead of butane, propane is stored in these larger gas bottles, which range in size from little 3.9 kilogram cylinders to enormous 47-kilogram cylinders.

Large propane gas cylinders are frequently not recommended for use with BBQs. If you wanted to use one of these cylinders with your grill, you would need to add a screw-on high-pressure adjustable propane regulator.

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You might be wondering what your alternatives are if you’ve decided it’s time to improve your BBQ after reading this.

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This post must have assisted you in determining what gas for BBQ should you use.