Can You Boil Eggs in a Microwave Oven?

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A medium-boiled egg that is not completely firm yet the yolk is not running makes a perfect breakfast.

Although many people have microwaves in their kitchen, they are reluctant to use them for boiling eggs due to the fear of an explosion.

Luckily, the detailed guide below explains how you can boil eggs in a microwave oven without an explosion.

Inspect the Eggs

When you want to hard or soft boil eggs, ensure there are no cracks on the shell.

Cracks make the white and yolk leak out and destroy the chances of ending up with perfectly cooked eggs. Before boiling the eggs, ensure they are at room temperature to avoid getting cracks.

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Boil water in the microwave

Put water in a microwavable container and add a tablespoon of salt and vinegar, making the eggs easier to peel and preventing cracking.

Place the water in the microwave for it to boil. Ensure you put sufficient water to submerge the eggs you are boiling fully, with at least 2.5cm clearance at the top.

Heating the water before submerging the eggs minimizes the dangers of shell explosion. Use an oven omit or a cloth to get the boiling water out of the microwave.

Pierce the eggshell

Use any clean object with a sharp point, such as a thumbtack or a paper clip, to pierce the thin end of the eggshell.

To break the membrane positioned below the surface of the shell, ensure you pierce deep enough.

On the thinner end of the eggshell, make sure you make several holes because the egg solidifies as it cooks and blocks the holes.

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Put the eggs in the boiling water

In an upright position, submerge the eggs carefully in the boiling water to prevent the holes from leaking. To prevent the eggs from breaking and bumping on each other while cooking, ensure you have a large enough container

Cook with medium power

Hard-boiling an egg takes around 5-6 minutes, but you can significantly reduce this time if you prefer a softer egg or your microwave has a higher power rating.

Even if you have taken the precaution measures, you should leave the room as the eggs cook because an explosion can occur.

Run cold water on the egg

Remove the egg from the microwave once it is ready. To stop the cooking process, hold it under cold running water. Using a spoon to remove the shell, cut it and enjoy.

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In conclusion, when boiling eggs in a microwave, many people fail to inspect whether their eggs have cracks. Also, some don’t use microwavable containers that are big enough to prevent the eggs from bumping on each other, and as a result, the risks of explosion become high.

However, following the above procedure will help you avoid the common mistakes people make, and you will finally have better results.


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