Can We Roast Chicken in Microwave Oven?

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Often, cooks run out of time only to find themselves under pressure, with a hungry and impatient family who wants a roasted chicken.

Whole roasted chicken with a microwave oven is tasty with an appealing color.

Roasting chicken with a microwave oven is time-saving, toxin-free, and more convenient than grilling chicken with a charcoal stove.  The roast chicken is tastier than chicken dishes provided in luxurious restaurants.

Typically, the below procedure of roasting chicken in a microwave oven can be put together with other recipes and end up with a delicious meal.

How to Roast Chicken in a Microwave

Clean the chicken thoroughly, rub it around with salt to do away with a bad smell. Rinse it once more under running water, and wipe it dry with a towel.

Put the aluminum foil on the tray and neatly place the chicken on it. Keep in mind that the skin of the chicken may not crisp but develop some browning. You can use a browning agent or a glaze for more even color.

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You can prevent streaking by scrubbing off any oily film on its skin using a vegetable brush and hot water before adding a browning mixture.

Mix sizeable parts, melted butter, and bouquet sauce brush or rub it into the skin. Put the chicken breast-side down in the baking dish.

Microwave it for the first 3 minutes, reduce the power to medium, and then microwave for the remaining time.

Microwave the chicken until the legs, move freely and inner thigh meat is ready. You may add a little ginger and sherry to have a soy sauce chicken as the final result.

When you use a brush to rub the sauce, it may not rub uniformly, so it’s advisable to use your fingers to rub the chicken uniformly.

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Add about one teaspoon of margarine or butter and the same amount of soy, which will be adequate for a whole chicken.

The result will be unique, with the chicken finally brown, tender, and moist. When the cooking duration is complete, and the microwave shuts off, you may leave the chicken in the microwave for a further 5 minutes without opening the door.

However, if your microwave oven comes with a built-in grill, then the roasting process is straightforward.



Remember to be careful when opening the door, for there might be some steam waiting to escape that might burn you.

Also, consider keeping your chicken for five minutes before serving to allow it to relax and give time for the juices to spread evenly.

Keep in mind that the roasting duration varies with the microwave’s power rating and model, and some may take longer than others.

It’s advisable to use the pre-set roasting feature in case your microwave comes with one. Remember to follow the safety precautions due to the steam involved.


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