Panasonic Microwave Oven Review

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Before investing your hard-earned money, you will want to ensure the microwave has all the features you need and the brand has a good reputation for the build quality.

Although many manufacturers claim that you should not replace a microwave more than once every ten years, some brands may not be the case.

After testing many brands, we can confidently attest that Panasonic is the best brand for a microwave oven.

Below are the most popular Panasonic microwave ovens in UK & Review.



Why Panasonic is one of my Favorite Brand for Microwave Oven

Size and appearance

Although many kitchen compartments are big enough for many models, microwaves are not of the same size and capacity. Microwave ovens take even more functions as they continue to evolve, and so the dimensions.

Microwaves are not just for cooking and heating food, but they make the kitchen stylish, especially if they fit with the kitchen décor.

For one, Panasonic builds its microwaves with different designs, and you will have a broader range of varieties.

Besides, the Panasonic microwaves have a wide range of sizes, suiting both small and large families.

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Ease of use and cleaning

There is no need to own a microwave that you cannot use or clean properly.  Many people claim that they even don’t know how to use all the functions in their models.

All other functionalities are great, but you can avoid them and purchase a basic model if you are not planning to use them.

It is worth considering buying a microwave with removable parts for easy cleaning.

Cleaning a Panasonic microwave is straightforward due to the clever internal design of the cooking compartment, making it the best brand.


Cooking functions

If you need a microwave oven to do more than heating your food, the menu functions that change the settings to cater to specific food types are essential to include in your checklist.

These functions help the microwave know the amount of time it takes to cook something.

You will want a brand that features pre-programmed settings to heat different soups and snacks and cooks dishes and meat.

Other convenient functions include food-specific heating features and defrosting. Fortunately, many Panasonic models come with these features, making them suitable even for beginners.

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Energy consumption              

Although the amount of energy a microwave consumes depends on what you use the microwave for, it’s essential to consider the power rating.

If you use the microwave to reheat food only, you can go for a model with less wattage, which takes around 800-900watts.

However, microwaves that can cook, defrost, bake, and roast may have a power rating of around 1000 watts.

Nevertheless, the power rating doesn’t translate into efficiency. For one, the Panasonic have the most power-efficient models with a wide range of power ratings to suit your cooking goals.

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Safety features

Households with young children need a microwave with a child safety feature since they can injure themselves when operating it.

Fortunately, many Panasonic models come with a child safety function, making them safe for all ages.

Besides, some Panasonic models have a digital lock where you key in combining numbers to unlock and lock the microwave. Although it does not close the microwave door, it prevents the microwave oven from operating.



In conclusion, many people find it challenging when it comes to choosing the best microwave brand.

Mainly, it’s because different brands come with varying features such as size, appearance, pre-set cooking functions and energy consumption.

Hopefully, the above guide will help you understand why Panasonic is the best brand for microwave oven.


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