How to Set Clock on Various Microwave Brands

Last Updated on January 1, 2023 by Mosabbir

It does not matter your situation. The timer on your microwave can be a suitable way to know the time.

However, scenarios such as electricity outage, daylight savings, or your appliance powering off might force you to reset the time.

The best thing is that the process is not challenging, taking you few minutes to get your microwave watch functioning again.

All you require is to know the exact time to reset it within no time. Most microwave watches tend to operate similarly.

However, slight differences may exist depending on the model of your food-heating appliance.

Do you want to understand how to go about setting a microwave timer? You do not have to worry. Let us analyze the process needed to adjust the microwave clock by some reputable manufactures.

Set the Time on GE Microwaves

General Electric (GE) which is one of the most popular microwave manufacturer in the market. The timers in their oven require little power to function. GE clocks come in two types.

You can access models that have an electronic push-button and those with electronic dial functionality. The two models differ in some ways. You can choose depending on your preferences as far as your digital kitchen is concerned.

What you may need to know is that you cannot set military time in electronic push-button models. For that reason, buy microwaves with electronic dial controls if you want a 24-hour clock format. Most models with dial controls would allow you to set military time.

When setting the timer on your microwave with electronic-push button, firstly press ‘Clock,’ enter the correct time, choose PM or AM, and press ‘Clock’ or ‘start.’ If you are using the model with dial control, you may have to take further steps when setting the time.

The best thing is that the whole process is straightforward. Expect no challenges. In that case, start by pressing ‘SETTINGS,’ then chose ‘Clock Set’ after turning the dial. Then, press the appliance’s dial and enter the correct time.

After that, turn the microwave dial to set time hours and enter by pressing the control. To switch your time mode to either 24 or 12 hours, press the settings button and turn the device’s dial to choose your preferred clock mode. After selecting the clock mode, you can enter by pressing the dial. After that, switch the dial to 24 or 12 hours and enter for activation.

Set the Time on Samsung Microwave

Samsung microwaves have in-build clocks that you can correct when installing your device or reset in case of power outages. Keep in mind that the time displays when you are not using the microwave.

When setting the time on your Samsung microwave, press ‘clock’ and follow the steps. To switch your food-heating device to 12 hours or 24 hours, turn the dialer knob and press select.

After that, you may have to turn the knob to change the hour, then minutes, and finish by pressing select. With these easy-to-master steps, your microwave will display the correct time.

The best thing is that the Samsung model kept everything simple for users. To adjust the correct time, use the ‘-‘ and ‘+’ buttons. After correcting the time, activate the new settings by pressing ‘clock’ again.

If your Samsung microwave has the ‘options’ button, start setting your device’s timer by pressing it. Press 9 for the appearance of the ‘clock notification. Press ‘OK.’ Utilize the number pad to key in the correct time. Remember, you will have to enter at least three numbers. For instance, entering 8-0-0 denotes 8:00.

The model does not have the PM and AM options. Confirm the correct time by pressing ‘OK.’

Set the Time on Panasonic Microwave

Setting time in your Panasonic microwave will vary depending on the model you use. If your appliance has the ‘Set/Clock’ button, press it.

However, make sure that the oven is not operating at this time. You will notice a blinking colon display (:). Use the numerical pad to key in the time and press ‘Set/Clock’ once more. When the colon stops blinking, it indicates the correct time.

If your appliance has a time button equipped with an hourglass sign, press the hourglass sign twice after ensuring that your machine is not heating any foodstuff.

Do not correct the timer on your microwave while cooking. If your Panasonic oven boasts a button and a clock sign, press the clock sign switch once.

You will see a colon (blinking). Use the negative and positive buttons to edit time. Alternatively, you can adjust the time by swiping the slide bar. After correcting the time, press the clock portrait button or hourglass switch once. The colon will seize to blink, indicating a correct time.

If your appliance has a ‘Clock (Less)’ or ‘Clock’ button, press it when not using the microwave. Enter the correct time using the numerical pad when a colon appears on the screen. Press the button again to activate the time.

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Set the Time on Frigidaire

Press the user pref button then the ‘1’ one. Utilize the number keypad to set the time. To correct the time, press the ‘enter and 30 seconds button’.

Remember, this model does not have a military timer (24 hours). You will receive ‘ERROR’ each time you attempt to enter military time. In such cases, press ‘STOP clear’ control and set the timer.

Set the Time on Whirlpool

When dealing with a whirlpool microwave, access the control panel located in the microwave by touching the “open” button.

Press and hold the Clock button until you see a “Clock Enter the Time” display. Use the number keypad to set the time and wait for the ‘clock saved’ display. Your microwave time is correct.


The timer on your microwave is a vital feature in the appliance. That is why you may need to know how to correct the clock whenever the need arises. The process is not challenging.

Although the procedure to set the microwave timer is somewhat similar, different machine models might require additional steps. However, you can do everything at home without hiring microwave technicians. The information above has all you may need to know to set timers on different microwave models.