Sharp R861SLM Microwave Oven Review

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In today’s article, we will review the Sharp R861SLM flatbed microwave oven.

This microwave from Sharp is one of the affordable brands in the market right now and boasts a sleek appearance.

It is a combination microwave, which is suitable for regular use with plush features that makes cooking as easy as ABC.

Read on to know more about this amazing product so that you won’t have issues making the right choice.


  • The 25-liter capacity that allows you to cook larger amounts of food at a go.
  • 5 power levels for better functionality to achieve the best results.
  • Flatbed technology for accurate cooking without a turntable.
  • 13 different programs guarantee seamless operations.
  • Simple to use with a child lock feature for the safety of your kids.


  • It doesn’t have a turntable.

Sharp R861SLM Product Overview

The sharp R861SLM is an automatic microwave with 24 preset settings that allows you to cook within no time by dialing the touch button.

It has a bigger holding capacity of 25 liters which can cook up to 10 pizzas at once. The child lock makes it safe for use with fewer worries when your kids are around while cooking.

This combination microwave oven is the best choice for multi-functional usage because you can bake, grill, or cook with it anytime. Its flatbed technology enables you to use any dish size while cooking and makes it easy to clean.

Besides, it comes with a timer, which allows you to multitask in the kitchen as it alerts you when the time is over. This also prevents your food from burning or overcooking. The large turntable space makes it easy to warm/cook large amounts of food within minutes.

Its power rating stands at has 900 Watts, which makes the microwave cook faster without leaving cold spots on your food. The 5-power setting makes it effective and easy to use. It’s made of quality materials making it durable and will give you value for your money.

What’s more, the screen makes it easier for you to see what is cooking as it will light automatically after switching it on. This will give you an easy time monitoring whatever is cooking.

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Who Is This Microwave For?

This is the best microwave for a family with playful kids who can reach it any time without your knowledge. This is because it has a child lock that makes it safer. It also has a bigger space ideal for cooking a large capacity of food. It is easy to use and clean, saving you valuable time while in the kitchen.

What’s included?

Sharp R861SLM Microwave Oven (25 Litre Capacity Black 900 W)

Key Product Features

  • This microwave boasts flatbed technology that ensures your food cooks evenly.
  • It also allows you to cook using different sizes of plates and without using a turntable.
  • It’s easy to control the cooking time using the touch buttons to achieve your desired results.
  • The 25-liter capacity enables you to cook larger amounts of food once, making this microwave the best for a big family.
  • It’s has a unique design that’s attractive and easy to carry around for use anywhere in the house.
  • Its 900-power rating ensures you cook within no time while also ensuring your food cooks equally without having cold spots.
  • You will not experience major challenges installing this microwave as it’s easy to install and doesn’t need much input.
  • The five power levels enable you to cook effectively without worries.


Product FAQ’s

What are the exterior dimensions of this microwave?

The external dimension of this microwave is 19.7cm by 34cm by 34 cm.

Is it easy to clean this microwave?

Yes. You won’t struggle while cleaning this device because of the flat base that enables you to maneuver your hand with ease. You can wipe it, and you’re done.

Does this microwave have shelves or a rack?

Yes. It has a circular rack the same size as a plate.

Can you use the sharp microwave to make crispy skinned jacket potatoes in the oven?

This is a combination microwave with an oven that you can use to cook foods as other ovens would. But it might take a bit longer as it heats at 200 degrees centigrade. So, it’s advisable to cook the potatoes in the microwave then switch to the oven.

Can I mount this under my cabinet?

Yes. Remember, this microwave is lightweight, allowing you to carry it to the cabinet with ease. Its compact design also makes it fit in the cupboard. However, it would help if you left its doors open. But you have to ensure the surface is flat to avoid inconveniences.

Alternative Product Comparison

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Bottom Line

The Sharp R861SLM microwave is the best for a person looking for a combination microwave. It has unique features, which will meet most of your requirements.

This is evident in most customer reviews, which attests to how easy and convenient it is.

Buy this microwave from Sharp and make your kitchen look stylish while also cooking within no time and enjoy the value for your money. With its plush attributes, you may not be able to get a better deal elsewhere.

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