Russell Hobbs ‎RHFM2001B Review

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Today, we will review the Russell Hobbs ‎RHFM2001B flatbed microwave oven.

If you are looking to buy this model, you must check this first to make your decision-making process more effective.


  • Flatbed automation allows for easy cleaning and removal of debris.
  • Offers a 19-litre capacity, a space enough to handle large dishes and plates for convenience.
  • Automatic defrost settings to save time.
  • Auto cook menus allow for presetting of cooking times of various types of dishes.
  • High efficiency in cooking due to its diamond cavity configuration.


  • Few complaints about the Beeps.

Russell Hobbs ‎RHFM2001B Product Overview

The Russell Hobbs ‎RHFM2001B is one of our top picks for best flatbed microwave ovens. It is a stylish and versatile cooking appliance every cook desires to own.

The technology used on this microwave will make your cooking more enjoyable while the features therein are straightforward.

It comes in an attractive design and appearance with a mirror door glaze. You will love its top-notch functionality, 700 watts microwave energy for quick cook time and convenience.

It features Flatbed automation, which eliminates the use of a turntable offering your microwave more space for larger plates and casseroles that would not fit into turntable microwaves for defrosting and reheating.

Its diamond cavity configuration boosts microwave dispersion by increasing the reflections of the microwaves in the chamber. That is why you can be sure of flawless reduction of cooking time as well as saving energy.

Also, you can cook any food with its auto cook pre-programme menus, and you will only need to press a button to get this done. With its automatic defrost settings, you only need to key in the weight of the food you are cooking; the microwaves further choose the right defrost time which means no time and energy wastage.

It boasts five energy levels making your entire cooking experience a blast. That is why it is easier for you to get the most satisfactory result with this oven.

Additional features comprise a digital clock, timer, and child lock. When the child lock is on, it deactivates the microwave’s control buttons for maximum safety for the kids.

Who is this Microwave For?

Russell Hobbs 19 litre Flatbed Microwave is pocket friendly, easy to operate and maintain. It saves time and effort for efficiency and convenience. It is perfect for home as well as hotel use.

What’s included?

  • Russell Hobbs 19 litre flatbed Microwave
  • User’s Manual

Key Product Features

  • Touch control buttons for easy choice of cook time for optimum effectiveness.
  • It comes with flatbed technology that eliminates the need for a turntable for fast cooking and reheating.
  • 19 litres of space to ensure sufficient room and a smooth cooking experience.
  • Lightweight to allow easy manoeuvrability.
  • A compact configuration to save space.
  • 700 wattage for all types of cooking.
  • Its auto cook settings allow you to prepare various dishes.
  • It has five power levels for flexibility while cooking.
  • Its Diamond cavity design boosts the distribution of the waves by increasing the microwave reflections in the chamber for effective cooking.
  • It has an automatic defrost framework to save time.


Product FAQ’s

Is this microwave easy to use?

Yes, it is super straightforward. You only need to press the power button, set the power level, press start, and the cooking begins. It is also important to read the instructions provided.

What are the dimensions?

The approximate external measurements are 45 cm long, 37cm wide, and 82cm high. Internal measurements are 29cm long, 28cm wide and 18cm high.

What is the warranty period?

The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty, hence, you can be sure of perfect coverage to safeguard within this period.

What is the last time you can set the timer?

The last time you can set the timer is 5 seconds.

Does it turn off once it stops cooking?

Yes, once the cooking cycle elapses, the microwave pings to alert you the cooking time has ended.

Alternative Product Comparison

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Bottom Line

Russell Hobbs 19 litre Flatbed Microwave has several attractive features that make your cooking easy and enjoyable. Most users speak well of this sleek appliance.

With only a few negative sentiments and we conclude it’s a great addition to your kitchen.

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