Motorhome Cooking Tips- How Easy It Is To Cook In a Campervan?

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How Easy is it to Cook in a Motorhome? We will discuss how to utilize the cooking area of your motorhome because you cannot enjoy anything without proper meals.

Most of the motorhome kitchens are built with at least two ring burners and a sink. These components are usually more than enough, especially if you are camping for free. If you have a habit of using four burners at your residence, it might take some time to adapt. We are here to help and make your outdoor cooking process a bit easy.

When travelling in a motorhome, you have the luxury to cook anywhere you want. The vehicle cooking area is small, which could be a problem. However, spent some time, and you will get used to the confined space.

Keep in mind that preparing a meal in an RV, caravan, or motorhome can be challenging because of limited resources. But, there are ways to make the cooking process easy.

One of the benefits of driving a motorhome is space. In other words, you can carry all the required items. After gaining some experience, you will automatically understand what the cooking essentials are.

Motorhome Cooking Tips

Take compatible pans

Making silly mistakes is expected if you are new to a motorhome. The hobs inside a motorhome are smaller than your house kitchen. So, make sure you are carrying pans that can easily fit the gas hob side by side. So, it will help if you are careful while choosing the pans.

If your motorhome’s gas hobs are covered with glass, they might break if you use a large pan. These accessories are expensive to replace. So, it’s better to watch the size and how you are placing it on the hob.

We suggest that you take a frying pan and steamer. The latter is our favourite because it allows you to cook multiple vegetables without consuming much gas.

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Consider an electric hob.

An electric hob or induction is one of the best ways to save gas when you are travelling. It can help you use the pressure cooker, kettle, and multiple other cooking tools. Most of the modern motorhomes come with a couple of gas hops and one electric ring.

You can try a single ring induction hob like Tefal IH201840. This induction is one of the best options for a motorhome because it’s lightweight and has compact dimensions. So, it does not occupy much storage space. The only problem with inductions hobs is they only work with compatible pans and pots. So, purchase some induction friendly frying pan and other cookware before you leave.


Yes, their weight could be a problem. Plus, you have to be careful while packing and unpacking these items. So, take what you need.

Here is the good news.

You can take ordinary glasses, plates and cups that you use at your residence.

Unfortunate incidents happen, especially if you are outdoors. So, if the plates or glasses crack, you can replace them with something eco-friendly. For instance, you can try bamboo plates because they are biodegradable. Unbreakable glasses and plates are the other options.


You can take the home cutlery, and they will work great. Plus, eating with familiar cutlery is also satisfactory. You can also look for low weight cutlery, especially if the payload could be an issue.

Kitchen knives

Take sharp knives on the motorhome. It’s better to take a blade from your kitchen because nothing is irritating than preparing the vegetable or fruits using a blunt or small knife. Cooking is already a challenging process outdoors, do not make it even harder. Carry high-quality knives and keep them safe.

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Pot lids

Take all the pots along with their caps. A cover minimizes the cooking time and reduces the amount of steam, keeping mould growth at bay.

Electrical items to Consider

Before suggesting the essential electrical cooking appliances, we want to let you know the power is limited on the motorhome. Plus, you might not find an EHU at every campsite. Even if induction or any other cooking appliance is energy efficient, it’s better to use it carefully.

Pressure cooker: One of the best appliances when you are outdoors because a pressure cooker uses only one ring and prepares a meal for at least two individuals. There are many recipes that you can prepare using a range. Plus, it takes less time but makes delicious meals.

Hot water flask: Here comes another excellent electrical appliance for travelling. It’s better to take a flask that dispenses with a push button. Boil a whole kettle of water in the morning, and it will cover most of your daytime.

Such an item can keep the water hot for more than 6 hours. Plus, if there is a push dispense, you don’t have to open its lid multiple times. So, the water will stay warm for even longer.

Plan Your Meals

Here is the best thing to do while travelling. Make a list of food items or meals you want to enjoy for the next 3 to 4 days. Well, this is the maximum amount of eatables you can carry.

With such an action plan, you will know what and how will you cook. So, you can plan what utensils, ingredients or pans you will need to prepare them. Things might change because you are travelling. But, you will have a basic idea.

Take some prepared dishes.

We recommend that you prepare some of your favourite dishes and take them along. You can take care of your health by using them for the first couple of days.

You can store the leftover in the fridge for the next day’s use.

However, you might not be able to hold the food items for more than a couple of days. So, plan accordingly.

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Kitchen Cleaning

Purchase a draining board: Do not place the wet dishes anywhere in the motorhome kitchen. Not an excellent idea as everything will be drenched up, especially if you have many pots and containers. So, try a draining board that protects the kitchen surfaces from excess water and all those back to the sink.

Dustbin: Wastage is one of the biggest problems in a confined space. Moreover, the rubbish builds up very rapidly in a kitchen, irrespective of what you are eating.

So, choose a bin. Do not try a large one because then you will be sleeping with yesterday’s dust every night.

At the same time, do not go for a small option. Otherwise, you will keep emptying it unlimited times.

Think about what suits the motorhome’s kitchen and the available space. Make it a priority because a dustbin will keep your motorhome clean and tidy.



After spending some time in the motorhome and its kitchen, you will understand how to make everyday meals using the available resources.

We agree that the cooking area is compact, but it’s functional. You will agree to us after a couple of trips. Then you can also tune the kitchen according to your eating habits.

We hope that the information mentioned above is helpful to get your kitchen ready for the trips.

Take your time, learn the things, take some experience, and you enjoy outdoor cooking more than anything else. Have fun.