How To Choose The Best Microwave Oven for Your Motorhome?

Last Updated on January 1, 2023 by Mosabbir

If you want to explore the world and enjoy new sites and cuisines with your family or friends, then a motorhome is one of the best vehicles to try.

However, you cannot pack a significant amount of food in the RV. Plus, frequently eating in restaurants might add to your travelling budget. But, a microwave can change the picture.

A motorhome microwave can save your time, money and also ensure that you can enjoy high-quality food while travelling.

If you are looking for a microwave for your campervan or motorhome, we have mentioned all the points you should consider to make an intelligent investment.

Do I Need a Microwave in My Motor-home?

A microwave is not a necessity in a motorhome, especially if you own a stove or induction. But, such an appliance can reheat your food items within a few seconds.

Apart from that, it can defrost your eatables and prepare breakfast within an instant.

In other words, you will not get the convenience of a microwave with any other cooking device.

You can find a wide range of ready to eat food items, which you can quickly cook using a microwave.

No one wants to cook every day that also when you are on a trip. Overall, you can try a microwave for added convenience and make your travelling life a little easier.

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Motorhome Microwave Oven Buying Guide

What About The Power Output?

A microwave uses a lot of power in general, but a motorhome does not have much energy to offer.

For instance, an average household microwave uses around 1000 to 1200Watts. So, such devices are not suitable for an RV. Plus, you will not find a 16-amp electrical outlet on most of the campsites.

In addition, microwaves tend to consume more power in the initial few milliseconds. This extra power can trip the campsites electricity.

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Can I use a 12v Microwave?

You can try a 12v microwave for camping, but such a device drains the battery of your motorhome very quickly. So, be attentive while using it.

What Are My Options?

Stay away from high-end microwaves that consume a significant amount of wattage. Instead, choose a low watt microwave for camping available anywhere between 500 to 700W. You can plug in such appliances using the electrical outlets available on most of the campsites.

Yes, a microwave with less wattage will take some extra minutes to reheat or defrost your eatables. However, it will be worth waiting.

What About Microwaves & Wild Camping?

A microwave might not be the appliance to try if you are a wild camper and spend limited time around the campsites. However, there is an alternate. You can invest in a low wattage model and purchase an inverter for your motorhome. Also, consider the power consumption of the microwave and see how many batteries you will need to manage it.

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About the Size?

Microwaves are available in various sizes, but you should only target low-wattage small microwaves for caravan with a general 14 to 20 litres cooking capacity. Plus, you have to consider the weight as well. Even a tiny microwave will weigh around 10 kg. For instance, Russell Hobbs RHM1401S is one of the best microwaves for motorhomes. Its cooking capacity is 14 litres and a weight of 9 kg.

Should I Buy a manual or a Digital one?

Digital microwaves offer more accuracy, but these models provide no additional features. Some of the microwaves also need a clock reset once you unplug them. So, you can choose any of them depending upon the requirements and availability.

What About Variable Power Settings?

A variable power setting is one of the best when you are using the microwave in a motorhome. You can set the appliance at half power. It will take longer to cook. But will not consume a high amount of electrical energy.


If you want to fit the microwave inside your motorhome, build a cradle that can save it from shocks and vibrations. Also, make sure that there is sufficient ventilation on all the sides of the microwave. The process will be a lot easier if you are replacing a campervan oven with a microwave.

You can store a compact microwave under the bed or bench seat in the RV. When you are not using the appliance, then place it in a kitchen drawer.


Russell Hobbs RHM1401S is probably one of our best microwave for motorhomes because it’s compact and easy to store.

Plus, this model has seven power levels, which gives you a lot of cooking options. Moreover, it has a reasonable price and a high quality built.