The Benefits of Having a Microwave in a Caravan

Last Updated on January 1, 2023 by Mosabbir

Don’t you think there will be added storage space without a microwave?

You are going outside to enjoy nature; then it’s better to cook outdoors. Isn’t it?

Well, we agree with all the reasons not to include a microwaving device on an RV. But, what if we tell you that you will feel grateful after installing it inside your vehicle?

Do you need a microwave for your caravan? But, what if you already have an induction stove in the vehicle?

Let’s discuss why.

3 Reasons Why You Need A Microwave Oven in Your Caravan

It makes your journey more convenient.

A microwave is not one of your house or RV essentials, especially if you own a stove or maybe an induction.

But, the appliance makes your kitchen life convenient. You can heat the food items without any hassles. Whether it’s a soup, burger, pizza, or the leftovers, you can reheat them within a few seconds.

Ask any of the parents, and they will tell you the importance of convenience after having kids. Imagine, you have packed all your belongings, and kids are settled in the backseats.

But, can you take a different pan and pot for their breakfasts or snacks? It’s where a microwave comes into the picture.

Works in all the conditions

Do you prefer to travel only in favorable weather?

If yes, then you might not need a microwave. But, what if you are hungry and it’s -70 degrees outside?

Can a portable Coleman stove be helpful? We don’t think so.

If you don’t want to play by the rules, then try a microwave. It works in all the weather, even if your RV is parked in several feet of snow.

If you generally camp in ski parking slots or move around in chilly temperatures, then this appliance can be a lot more useful than you think.

When you come back from a long trek session, nothing will feel better than a hot soup or noodles that you can easily prepare in a microwave.

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Offers effortless breakfasts on the go

Most of the users do not cook food items in a microwave. And we know the reason. A meal tastes better when it’s prepared on a grill rack, stovetop, or at least an open fire. But, things change when you are traveling.

Most of the time, you are busy finding the next destination or a new hike trail to explore. The last thing you want is to waste one and a half hours for breakfast.

No one wants to clean the pans frequently, especially when on holiday.

So, you can stock frozen foods like instant oatmeal and burritos for breakfast. A microwave can reheat these items in a jiffy. You can prepare the breakfast easily using it, even if your partner is driving.

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Can you use a normal microwave in a Motorhome?

A regular microwave uses around 1000 to 1200 watts to operate, close to a toaster, kettle, or hairdryer. However, these appliances are not suitable for your motorhome. Instead, a 500W to 700W can be a good choice.

A conventional microwave needs an electrical outlet of 16amp, which might not be available in the vehicle.

What is the best microwave for a caravan?

For a caravan, you need something that can consume less power without hampering the results. So, Russell Hobbs RHM1401S is one of the best microwaves for your RV. Here you can check some suitable microwave ovens for caravan. This appliance consumes less but offers ambitious cooking results.



Most nature lovers have a common interest to cook food items outdoors. But, the roads and weather are sometimes worse than you can imagine.

So, one person’s dream journey can become another individual’s nightmare. So, a backup will be beneficial.

If you are new to camper vans or RVs and want to decide what can be included inside the vehicle, consider a microwave.

For families for love adventure, it’s one of the most helpful appliances while exploring.