Can I Paint The Inside of My Microwave Oven?

Last Updated on January 1, 2023 by Mosabbir

It’s dangerous to eat food from a rusty can, and in the same way, rust inside the microwave oven can cause problems if you don’t attend it.

This rust is not a problem unless it eats the interior cavity, causing arcing and radiations to escape the microwave.

Radiation is not a threat to humans, and provided the interior of the microwave remains intact and sealed, and you can repair and sand the interior.

Repainting your microwave oven is the solution if its inside paint is deteriorating or peeling.

However, not all paints are suitable for this project, and there are preparations you should carry out for a successful repaint.

The below guide explains the steps you should follow if you want to paint the inside of your microwave.


Prepare The Appliance

Before you do anything else, it is crucial to unplug your microwave and prepare its interior surface for repainting. Wet the sponge in soapy water, squeeze the excess water and wipe off the microwave’s interior surface.

You can clean the entire microwave altogether by cleaning the outer surface.

For faster drying, use a dry rag or a paper towel. Using your hands, gently remove the existing paint by peeling it off or sanding it with grit paper.

You can as well sand it with fine-grit to smoothen it further. You can also use this process to remove rusty spots. Proceed and wipe the sanded parts with the dry rag to clean and protect them from further corrosion.

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Choose the best paint

You can use spray-on or brush-on paints to coat the interior of the oven. However, the spray-on is preferable for it requires less time and effort.

On the other hand, the brush-on is more effective for small spots. You can find microwave-safe paints in appliance stores.

Still, you need to ensure they provide you with the right kind of paints, as some contain particles or materials that react with the microwave and may lead to toxins release, which may cause food contamination.


Paint the oven

Never spray paint if the interior of the oven is wet or greasy.  To avoid any health problems when using aerosol paints, wear gloves, masks, and rubber gloves for protection.

You can use a small area in the oven to test whether the paint spot is dry by placing a cup of water in the microwave and setting it too high.

After heating for one minute, switch it off and remove the cup of water. Then, check whether the painted spot is not hotter than other microwave compartment sides.

After you are through with preparations, start spraying the paint in the microwave till it covers the surface. Try maintaining the paint coat thickness, as applying varying coat thicknesses will cause paint runs.

Besides, ensure that the surface is dry, sanded and wiped clean between the coat before moving to the next one.

Consistently apply the paint on all surfaces and ensure that the paint is dry before switching on the microwave.

You may need to leave it to dry with the door open, as it enhances airflow into the microwave, reducing the drying time.

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In conclusion, it’s possible to paint a microwave interior, but the time and cost may surpass purchasing another microwave oven.

However, if the microwave is large and high-quality like the commercial ones, painting might be the better option.

Hopefully, the above procedure will help you paint your microwave interiors successfully.