Whirlpool Microwave Fan Won’t Turn Off – How to Fix?

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Like other food-heaters, the whirlpool microwave has an inbuilt automatic fan, helping in cooling the microwave’s internal parts.

The fan continues to operate after the appliance usage until the whole unit cools down.

Turning the fan off reduces the machine’s noise, but it can increase internal temperatures.

The fan in your microwave is a vital feature for proper machine operation.

It improves the health and total performance of your machine.

The in-built thermostat regulates the temperatures in the machine. It switches the microwave fan automatically in case of increased temperatures.

However, you might find situations where your fan fails to stop. What move would you make?

Let us help you do it at home.

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How to Fix Whirlpool Microwave Fan Turned Off

  • Disconnect Your Appliance from the Power Supply

If you have not used your microwave recently and the fan fails to switch off, experts advise you to disconnect the machine from the main power supply. With that, the fan will also stop running. A continuous running microwave fan can be dangerous to the appliance.

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  • Use the Setting to Turn the Fan off Manually

If you notice that the fan in your microwave does not switch off, leave the appliance for some time to cool down. That way, chances are that the fan will stop operating. Meanwhile, if that fails to work, you may have to switch it off manually.

You can utilize the machine instruction manual to operate the settings without hurdles. After that, visit the control panel and press, and select set up mode.

Next, locate the ‘Vent Fan’ mode by scrolling through the set-up. Now, select ‘off’ to turn off your microwave fan. Press ‘Enter’ to switch off the fan.

  • Is the Thermostat Okay?

The microwave’s thermostat regulates the temperature in the appliance and gestures the fan to turn off and on automatically. If you are not using your device and the fan would not stop, the thermostat could be the issue.

Indeed, identifying issues with the microwave thermostat can be challenging unless you are an expert technician. If not, you may have to seek help from professionals dealing with electric devices. Keep in mind that electricity can be hazardous if you are unskilled.

  • Have You Overused the Appliance?

Your microwave is likely to heat up if you have been overusing it recently. With the machine heating up, the programmed fan will operate longer for optimal temperatures in the unit. If that is the problem, give your appliance some time to rest.

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  • Ensure Proper Ventilation in Your Kitchen

For optimum temperatures in your kitchen, adequate ventilation is a must. Remember, cooking appliances such as ovens and microwave adds heat, raising the temperatures in your kitchen atmosphere.

You can open windows while in the kitchen for proper ventilation. That will cool your kitchen and cooking devices.

Why Microwave Fan Keeps Running?

In most scenarios, a failed thermostat makes the fan run without stopping. Keep in mind that the component switches the fan on whenever its senses increased temperatures.

The thermostat may sense heat while using the machine, and the automatic fan operates until it cools the thermostat. Usually, the component fails, making the fan run constantly.

Is It Time To Buy A New Microwave?

Nowadays, it seems like a microwave is an essential piece of equipment in any modern kitchen. Proper maintenance is vital if you want to enjoy utilizing your appliance.

The best thing is that these appliances are not that expensive. With as little as $50, you can purchase a microwave oven. Your machine can serve you for many years with proper care.

However, how can you tell whether it is that time to replace your little workhorse?

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  • Microwave Making Loud Noise

Various reasons might contribute to loud noises from a microwave. Expect to hear noise from time to time when using your appliances.

Things like foodstuffs stuck in the turntable can produce noise. The best thing is that you can solve most of the factors contributing to loud microwave oven noise.

However, if the issue is with a high volt capacitor or defective magnetrons, you may have to consider buying a new microwave. If you need a simple microwave oven go for a basic microwave oven.

  • Microwave Takes Longer to Cook

It might be the best time to replace the appliance if it takes longer to heat or cook food than expected. If you want to test your microwave’s heating speed, place a cup of water in the machine to boil. It should take 2 minutes for the water to boil. If that is not the case, you might need a new appliance.

  • Microwave Stops to Work

If your food heating fails to operate, you may find an expert to evaluate the issue. Experts can deal with minor problems such as faulty fuses. However, if the problem is beyond repair, you can visit the market for a new microwave.

  • Upgrading

The market is full of new microwave colors, designs, types, and styles. If you have used your microwave for a long time, you might be missing out. Upgrade your appliance for efficient and convenient features.


  1. What is the Work of a Fan in Your Microwave?

Why do microwaves have fans? Usually, the fan blows cool air inside the heated-up appliances. That helps to extend the lifespan of given microwave components. Also, the fan prevents condensation in your microwave.

  1. Why Does Your Microwave Make Noise?

Do you hear loud humming or unusual noise from your microwave? Magnetron might be the issue. It is a vital component in your microwave, responsible for generating heat. A defective magnetron can produce a buzzing or loud sound.

  1. How Do You Turn Your Whirlpool oven off?

Press the keypad or button market with OFF/CANCEL – or similar phrases. With that, you will stop various oven processes, including the cooking and self-cleaning cycle. When stopping the clock, hit the button marked ‘Timer Off,’ ‘Timer,’ or similar phrases twice.

  1. Can a Microwave Cause Cancer?

A microwave heat foodstuffs. The appliance does not change anything in the food structure. With that, they are less likely to be cancerous. As long as you adhere to the correct usage procedure, you will enjoy utilizing your appliance without harmful effects.

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