When Should You Buy a New Microwave?

Last Updated on May 11, 2023 by Mosabbir

Similar to all electrical appliances, a microwave cannot last for eternity.

Therefore, it will need replacement after some years. But, how to determine when to purchase a new microwave?

Here are some of the tips that will let you know when to look for a replacement.

Check the age: Find the receipt of your microwave to determine when you purchased it. If you lost the bills, then look at the appliance’s serial number at its back.

Contact the manufacturers to know how old is the instrument. As per the studies, such an electrical device lasts for ten years. So, if your microwave is older than ten years, then replace it.

Inspect the seal: See if the microwave’s door is working correctly and check its seal. If you notice cracks, broken points, or other signs of aging, then replace the appliance.

A faulty seal can release microwaves inside your kitchen, which is dangerous for you and your family members.

Notice the efficiency: If the microwave takes a long time to cook, reheat, or boil, it’s old and cannot work with full power. So, browse one of the best microwaves before the existing one goes bad.

Listen to it: You know how a microwave sounds under normal working conditions. But, if you find anything different, there could be some trouble with your microwave’s triode, magnetron, or capacitor. So, try a new microwave.

Other signs to Go for a New Microwave Oven?

Sparks, burning smell, or smoke: All these are signs of severe troubles and urgent attention. Immediately halt your cooking process, power off, and unplug the microwave.

The microwave might not work again, especially if it’s older than ten years. So, look for a replacement.

Food items are not reheating or cooking correctly: Do you know the most significant benefit of using a microwave? It can rapidly reheat or defrost your eatables. But, what if the appliance cannot cook or defrost them quickly?

Check the microwave’s functionality by reheating a cup of water. If the results are satisfactory, keep using it. On the other hand, look for a replacement if it’s not making any changes to the water’s temperature.

Non-functional keyboard: The keyboard is one of the most critical parts of your microwave. So, things will be difficult for you if it fails to respond. How will you change the cooking time or press the start button if the keyboard is not working? First, try to clean it, and if there are no improvements, then find a replacement.


Things to Consider Before Buying Microwave Oven

Microwave type: Solo, grill, and convection are the three types of microwaves. Solo or basic microwave ovens can reheat, defrost or cook, but cannot bake or grill.

Grill variants such as combination microwave with grill can do the grilling, plus they can also perform all the functions of solo versions.

Convection ovens are the best if you need to regularly use them or have a family with different eating choices.

Size: Microwaves are available in different dimensions and cooking capacities. So, choose something according to the open space in your kitchen. For example, make sure your plates can easily fit inside them.

Also, choose a cooking capacity that can fit your requirements. Russell Hobbs RHM2076B is the best microwave UK when we talk about solo versions. It has a cooking capacity of 20 liters, which is suitable for single users and small families.

Power: High wattage means a microwave is powerful enough to defrost and heat anything without taking much time. So, try to invest in something with 900W or 1000W so that it can easily follow your commands and provide satisfactory results.

On the other hand, an 800W or 700W model works well but takes some extra time to finish the cooking process.



How long should a microwave last?

The average life is seven to ten years depending upon the care and maintenance it receives. However, the appliance might not last for long under excess usage and poor look after.

What happens if your microwave is leaking radiation?

Microwaves can produce a high amount of heat, which is why it’s most dangerous to your eyes and testes. These waves can cause cataracts in the eyes and infertility.



Microwaves are relatively sturdy kitchen appliances that do not create a lot of trouble in general.

However, no one can stand the test of time. So, if you notice any of the symptoms or signs that we discussed above, then look for the best microwave 2023 UK. For instance, try Russell Hobbs RHM2076B or Toshiba MM-MM20P.