Toshiba MW2-AG23PF(BK) Microwave Oven Review

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Equipping your kitchen with a quality microwave will allow you to prepare dishes fast and efficiently, even when you are not familiar with the recipe.

However, the brand and model of the microwave determine how trusty it will be.

Below, we dive into the Toshiba MW2-AG23PF(BK) Microwave Oven Review and check out if this is a good pick for you.


  • The manual is easy to read and understand
  • The microwave controls are easy to use
  • The interior compartment is spacious, enough to prepare dishes for the entire family
  • It’s easy to clean, for the interior doesn’t have points that are unreachable while cleaning
  • The heating speed is impressive


  • Sometimes the light may stop working
  • In some cases, it may become too hot to touch
  • It lacks a recipe book explaining what it can and cannot cook

Toshiba MW2-AG23PF(BK) 900w 23 L Microwave Oven

The Toshiba MW2-AG23PF(BK) (which is one of the best combination microwave ovens and grills in our list of 2024) features 5 different power levels, making it ideal for a wide range of heating tasks, from high heat for heating leftovers to low heat for softening ice cream.

With a whopping capacity of 23 litres, it offers a practical interior space, perfect for standard dinner plates and crockery.

The front design features a friendly control panel, eight cooking presets, and interior light.

It features a glass turntable that rotates during the cooking process to ensure even heating and cooking dishes.

Besides, the turntable comes with a position monitoring functionality which, after cooking, resets its position. It allows you to reach in and grip plates or mugs by their handles, protecting your fingers from burns.

Also, it is fitted with a five-blade fan, enhancing maximum quietness during the cooking process.

It has a power rating of 900W and an Eco Mode to cut down power consumption and reduce standby power consumption, helping you save on electrical bills.

It also features a child lock mechanism to provide additional safety. It is relatively lightweight, as it weighs 31 pounds, allowing you to easily mount it on the wall if kitchen space is a concern.

With this microwave, you can defrost various dishes automatically depending on their weight.

You only set timers for other cooking jobs and can cook foods when you want to save time. It allows you to cook instantly with procedural memory and the preset menu, making it the ideal choice for people with tight schedules.

Toshiba MW2-AG23PF(BK) Specifications

  • Power: 900w
  • Weight: 31 pounds
  • Capacity: 23 litres
  • Cooking presets: 8
  • Power levels: 5


Who is This Microwave Oven For?

If electricity bills are a concern, then Toshiba 900w 23 Microwave Oven will suit you best.

Apart from the power efficiency during operation, it comes with an Eco Mode that significantly reduces power consumption when in standby mode.

If you have children in your family, you should consider this microwave oven as it features a child lock safety function, therefore adding passive safety to the children.

It is ideal for busy people because of its express cook capability, procedural memory, and preset menu, which helps save precious minutes.

Thanks to the turntable position memory technology, it is a good choice because you won’t need to be careful using it as you can’t burn your fingers, which ensures the proper positioning of the utensil handle even when the heating duration is over.


What is included?

Power levels

Power levels offer a wide range of heating jobs. The Toshiba 900w 23 litres microwave has five power options, allowing you to select the most appropriate level for that specific dish, preventing overcooking and reducing the overall power consumption.

Child lock

Without a child safety lock, the parents have to unplug the microwave from the outlet or actively monitor the children not to open it or try to operate it. However, there is no need to disconnect the microwave from the power supply that has a child lock. For one, the Toshiba 900w 23litres microwave oven has this feature, ensuring maximum child safety.


How To Get The Most Out of it?

You should know your microwave to get the best out of it, as the cooking options that a microwave has depends on the microwave brand and model.

Microwave with grill such as Toshiba 900w 23litres microwave oven allows browning food, roasting, and other heating features such as defrosting and heating dishes.

However, making your food thin is one way of optimizing the performance of the microwave. Many microwaves only penetrate foods that are around one inch thick, so cut the dishes you are cooking into pieces that are approximately a single inch thick.

The process of cooking large plates that are more than an inch thick is slow and inefficient because the food only gets heated inside by the inward radiated heat from the outer side of the food.

It is advisable to salt your food after heating to avoid the salted part drying out quickly due to the salt attracting microwaves, reducing the chances of even heating.

However, if you prefer salting your food before heating, add salt and mix thoroughly to prevent salt accumulation in certain portions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get the manual for the Toshiba 900 w 23 L Microwave Oven?

Nowadays, Toshiba microwaves don’t come with a user manual as all the necessary information you need is available on their website and other sites.

You can search for the manual by entering the model number of this specific microwave on the Toshiba website.

However, it can sometimes be tricky as every region and product category has its Toshiba site, and you may have to search in multiple sites.

Why is it so heavy?

The main factor contributing to the heavyweight of 31 pounds is the incorporation of grill and oven elements. Also, the construction quality is sturdy to withstand the heat, making the construction materials heavier than you may expect.


Alternative model

Sharp YC-MG02U-S 800W

The  Sharp YC-MG02U-S 800W is a modern Touch Control Microwave with an 800W microwave power level and 1000W grill, making it ideal to use in a contemporary kitchen setup.

It has a flat contour design, allowing easy cleaning, enhancing its convenience. It features 11 power setting options making it ideal for quick- cooking needs.



In conclusion, fitting your kitchen with the right brand and model of microwave oven enhances the neatness and appearance of the kitchen and allows you to carry out cooking needs with ease.

We are confident that you will enjoy an array of convenient features and great results with the Toshiba 900W 23L microwave.