Solar Panels vs Solar Blankets- Which is Better For Camping?

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Do you want to choose the best solar panel for your upcoming camping trips?

Here, we will compare solar panels vs solar blankets, so that you can pick the right option without any confusion.

Going solar on a campsite is efficient, eco-friendly, and easy. Plus, such power resources charge the battery, which you can use at night.

But, how will you choose the right panel? It’s why we are here to help.

For Camping Power- Solar Panels or Solar Blankets?

Solar Panel

You can find two categories of solar panels in the market: fixed and portable.

Fixed: Best option if you want to install a solar panel permanently on your vehicle. These solar panels are attached to the roof of your motorhome, campervan, or RV, which means you can quickly charge them while driving.

Fixed solar panels will also absorb the sunlight when your RV is parked. Keep in mind that solar panels need sunlight to charge the caravan’s battery, which might not be possible on all the campsites or pitches.

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Portable: If you don’t travel regularly, then portable solar panels are suitable options to try. Such a solar board allows you to chase the sunlight. So, you can get some extra charge even if it’s going down. Some of these panels could be heavier than the fixed ones, but it might not be an issue because you don’t go on trips regularly. But yes, if you love extended trips, then portable variants might not be a wise investment.

Solar Blankets

If you enjoy frequent camping trips and don’t want to sacrifice much open space, try a folding solar panel. Some of these panels are comparatively expensive than fixed and portable variants. However, solar blankets offer excellent durability and quality power.

Convenience and ease of use are two primary factors that are helpful when you are on a trip. It’s why you can go for a folding solar panel. You can set such a unit anywhere on the vehicle or the surrounding area. It can even work on the windscreen and keep the RV cool at the same time.  Once you want to leave, fold it and pack. As easy as you can read it.

Solar panel vs solar blankets: Which one is better?

Well, the answer depends upon your traveling habits. Let’s see which one is suitable for your caravan.

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Weekend travelers: Try a portable panel because it’s less expensive allows you to draw the power virtually anywhere. Some of these models are comparatively heavier than other variants. But, you can find a lightweight option after doing some research. For instance, Jackery SolarSaga is one of the lightest portable panels available to try.

Frequent campers with a camper trailer or 4 x 4: Try a folding solar panel for maximum space-saving and convenience. A solar blanket is lightweight, efficient, and transforms into a compact bag once folded. So, you can easily carry or store it anywhere.

As we stated earlier, some of the foldable panels might be more expensive than their counterparts. But, you can find a budget-friendly option after some research. For instance, the BigBlue portable solar charger is a high-quality solar blanket, but it’s available at a cost-effective price tag.

Full-time travelers or grey nomads: If you love to spend time in the wilderness, try the fixed panels. They are available at a lower price tag. Plus, you can easily use solar power without any setup. We suggest installing a fixed panel on your vehicle and keeping a portable model as a backup. The choice is yours. You can try the Solar Panel Kit by TP-solar Store.

Advantages of a Folding Solar Panel

Solar blankets are very lightweight and portable, which means you can pack them easily. Due to their foldable build, you can place such a unit anywhere. So, no need to worry even if your vehicle is parked in the shade.

Disadvantages of a Folding Solar Panel

There are a few things about the solar blanket that you might not like. For instance, they are easy to steal because of their low weight and compact build.

So, someone can easily fold and take it away while you are busy with other stuff or sleeping.

Some of the folding panels are comparatively more expensive than their fixed and portable variants. So, you will feel worse if someone steals your unit. Plus, such a panel is not flawless when you try to hang it on your vehicle’s windscreen, bonnet, or roof.

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Our future can be very bright if we start utilizing solar energy. You don’t have to spend a high amount on solar panels. These units work as per your expectations if they get the required amount of sunlight.

As we discussed, folding solar panels are good if you travel regularly but don’t want to sacrifice much space for the power resources. So, you can try these fantastic kits to enjoy uninterrupted power on your camping trips.