Sharp R82STMA Combination Microwave Review

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A combination microwave is termed as a combination of a microwave and oven. It has sophisticated features that go beyond that of the regular solo microwaves.

For example, some models can grill, roast, and bake food while others entirely replace the oven. The more advanced ones have special features for making yogurt and steaming.

It also has two heating elements where one is on top, and the other is at the bottom of the oven.


  • It combines two appliances for use to bake and grill food
  • It is very convenient, efficient, and fast, particularly for high-cooking like roasts, pizzas, and pastries
  • Rapid preheating with temperature to about 240 °C
  • Ideal for speedy crisping
  • Suitable for the small family
  • Offer space for a large barbecue or pizza
  • Easy to use than the oven and significant save energy costs
  • Suitable for small kitchens, holiday homes, and caravans


  • You can only cook one dish at a time
  • The cooking space is smaller, which limits the size of the food and the dishes or pans used
  • Must be cleaned regularly

Sharp R82STMA 900W Combination Microwave Oven

Sharp has come up with this convection microwave oven, which is used for versatile cooking and baking.

It comes with ten auto menu programs pre-installed to making food with just a touch of the button. There are 11 microwave power settings, which may be combined with three cooking stages.

Thanks to the kitchen timer that can be kept anywhere on top of the kitchen when baking or cooking. Also, this alerts you as soon as the timer has elapsed.

The oven has a 25-litre capacity, which is large enough to fit a pizza of 10 inches. You will get a power of up to 900W that can ensure fast cooking results.

Sharp R82STMA 900W combination microwave oven comes with a child lock that is easy to set up to keep the children safe from the accident when preparing food.

It is easy to set up this oven because it comes with the instruction book that guides you on doing it. Even more, it comes with five power levels, a dimension 30.5 H x 51 W.3 x 46.6 D, and a turntable diameter of 31.5 cm.

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Who is this Microwave Oven for?

A microwave oven is ideal for evenly and quickly heating food. This can either reheat, defrost, warm, or cook ingredients.

You can bake food and develop crisp textures of vegetables, baked meats, pies, cakes, and delicious caramelized flavours.

The pre-programmed junior menu for pickers and younger eaters is done by just entering the food weight and allowing the combination microwave to do the rest.

This includes vegetable and fruit purees, fried vegetables, fried noodles and more.

Likewise, it is used for complete roasting and baking food that would be overcooked outside or outside the standard microwave.

The hot air circulation in the microwave oven makes it the best choice for cooking food that requires uniform caramelization, crispiness, or browning on the surface.


What is included?

10 auto menu programs

The cooking process of the Sharp R82STMA 900W combination microwave oven is made easy and convenient because of 10 auto menu programs. This feature is pre-installed because you only need to touch the button and start cooking.

25-litre capacity

This model comes with a capacity of 25 litres, which is large enough to fit a pizza of about 10 inches. This makes it unique from other devices where you can prepare a meal for the entire family.

Power of 900W

The amount of power in a microwave help to determine the speed at which it will carry out its work. For example, a sharp R82STMA 900W combination microwave oven has a power of 900W, which can ensure fast cooking results.


Technical Specifications

  • Capacity: 25 litres
  • Power: 900W
  • Turntable diameter: 31.5 cm
  • Power settings: 11
  • Auto menu options: 10
  • Installation Type: Countertop


How To Get The Most Out of It?

It would be best if you considered the power of the convection microwave. Using the oven in convection mode consumes more energy than ordinary microwaves.

If you want a powerful microwave, make sure the power cord has enough capacity and the power supply to operate the appliance.

Most of the models have a power output of about 700 to 1000 watts.

Choose the convection microwave oven that has an inner coated wall. Other than the stainless steel coating wall, it can have acrylic, enamel, or ceramic.

Typically, the enamel-coated model is inexpensive, difficult to clean, and is easy to damage. On the other hand, stainless steel is stronger but easily scratched, and it absorbs odour during cooking.

Likewise, the ceramic model is the best option because it increases its aesthetic value and is easy to clean.

Choose the oven that comfortably fits on the kitchen countertop. If you are planning for the whole kitchen model, you should opt for a built-in microwave to give the kitchen a sleek appearance.

Also, go for the convection microwave oven with the power dial or a timer to approximate the cooking time.

However, some are more advanced with automatic programmes for specific foods.



Can you put metal in the Sharp R82STMA Oven?

No. The metal does not allow microwaves’ penetration, and the food behind the metal won’t cook. Also, metal can cause arcing in the combination microwave.

Does this oven needs to be Ventilated?

No, this is because it uses a fan to circulate air through the oven to assist in cooking more evenly and faster. As long as the new microwave is set up within the space recommended by a manufacturer, no additional ventilation is required.


Alternative Models

Russell Hobbs RHM2031

This convection microwave is an alternative model because it provides convenient and quick cooking in the kitchen.

It comes with a cavity capacity of 20 litres, which comfortably fits the standard-sized dinner plate.

Thanks to the count-down time and handy digital clock that offer peace of mind when cooking. Besides, it has child safety that prevents young children from opening the microwave door.



Combination microwaves cannot do everything but can do much of it. They are ideal in terms of space where the standard ovens are not the right choice.

These combination microwaves are among the few devices that can help you carry out the cooking chores.

Everyone from vacationing retirees to college students can use the convection microwaves.

Sharp R82STMA 900W combination microwave oven is among the best models convenient for cooking different types of food.