Sharp R764KM Grill Microwave

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  • It has child lock features making it safer for a family with kids
  • It’s easy to use or operate
  • It has a large holding capacity of 25 litres
  • It comes with a kitchen timer reducing the chances of making errors
  • It has an energy-saving mode reducing your electric bills


  • The dark colour might give you a hard time while trying to see what’s cooking inside.

Sharp R764km Grill Microwave (25 Liter, 900 W, Black) Review

The sharp R764KM grill microwave has ten auto menu features that allow you to operate it with ease. It can hold 25 litres enabling you to make big amounts of food at ago.

This makes it the ideal choice for a larger family who has to cook a large food capacity. Also check what is the best combination microwave available in the UK right now.

What makes this combination microwave safe to use is the child lock feature, which reduces your child’s chances of getting accidents.

This microwave also has a timer that enables you to go about other chores in the kitchen. The timer will alert you once the time elapses. It has a 900W which is the highest microwave power.

Multi-tasking Capabilities

The solo microwave allows you to multi-task as it has a 1000W grill. This makes it cook faster and efficiently, saving the time you’d spend in the kitchen.

The white LED display enables you to see clearly what’s happening in the microwave without straining. The white LED lights also allow you to work in a darker area as it produces softer lights suitable for your eyes.

Its size of 36.2 by 57.9 by 46 cm will give you an easy time storing as it doesn’t need ample storage space. The size also allows you to carry around with ease without straining.

The weight of 15.5kg also makes it easy to carry around to various work areas without straining. You’ll not also have challenges with the weight while installing this microwave.

Save More On Energy

Since this is an eco-mode microwave, it will switch off to energy-saving mode when not in use. This will help you save utility costs as it reduces power consumption.

You can also multi-task with this microwave as it has a bigger turntable that can cook various foods like fish and meat. It also allows you to use various cook levels to prepare foods requiring different cooking temperatures and times.

You’ll love the stylish microwave, which is strong and durable that you can put at the countertop with ease owing to its size. Since this is a grill microwave, you’ll prepare your dishes in no time and get tastier foods.

It will also not interfere with the nutrients and original taste of the food you’re cooking. You will also get brownie gourmet traditional foods from this microwave.


Who Is This Microwave For?

The sharp R764KM is the best microwave for a family with active children who likes touching anything that comes their way. This is because it has a child lock that reduces chances of getting accidents, making it safe.

It’s also good for a bigger family as it has a large holding capacity that allows you to cook large amounts ago. But also, those who like a traditional kitchen that uses white LED lights can go for this microwave.

Product Specification

  • Capacity: 25 litres
  • Wattage ‎ 900 watts
  • Dimensions L x W x H: 46 x 57.9 x 36.2 centimetres
  • Weight: 15.5 Kilograms
  • Installation Type: Countertop

What’s Included

  • Manual
  • A one-year warranty
  • One sharp R764KM

Product Overview

The sharp R764KM comes with ten automatic menu options, which makes it easy to operate. This allows you to go about other duties as the microwave will switch off after cooking.

You will also be able to cook a large food capacity as it’s big and spacious inside. The interior space also allows you to cook more than one type of food at ago.

You’ll not also take much time in the kitchen as this microwave oven with grill cooks faster.

Your electricity bill will also not increase if you buy this microwave as it’s an energy saver that goes to eco-mode while not in use. The power levels also enable you to be in charge of the cooking temperature and time.

This microwave oven is a people’s choice because it has a child lock that’s safe for use. The white LED display is ideal for a traditional kitchen where bright lights are not used.

You’ll not also lose the nutrients but get the desired results from this oven within no time.

How Can You Get the Most Out of It?

Since this microwave has an eco-mode, you’re sure your electric bills won’t shoot if you buy it. Also, it will not consume much electric power as it’s an energy saver that switches off automatically while not in use.

Getting accidents from electric appliances also reduces since this device has a child lock that makes it safe to use.

The timer also enables you to go about your other duties while the food cooks. It’ll alert you once the time is over to come and check the progress.

Product FAQ’s

Can you use something tall to warm your food inside this microwave?

Yes. But it will depend on the height of the object you’re using. If it’s 200mm tall, it’ll comfortably get inside the microwave.

Can I cook more than one food at ago in this microwave?

This microwave has a big holding capacity of 25 litres. This means you can cook various foods at ago inside it. You can also cook large amounts of foods like ten pizzas once because of the big internal space.

Does it cook faster, and what’s its power rating?

This microwave has a power rating of 1000W, which makes it cook or warm your food faster. This makes it a time saver and ideal for those who don’t like spending much time in the kitchen.



Getting a microwave that is safe and energy safer should be on your wish lists. If you get such a combination microwave, you’ll be able to cook for a larger family with ease and within no time.

But the best thing about it is how it helps you make tasty foods that are pleasant and to your desired standard.