Samsung MC28H5013AS Combination Microwave Review

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Samsung MC28H5013AS Combination Microwave


  • Automatic programming makes cooking easier.
  • Turnable can be switched off.
  • Easy to clean ceramic wall.
  • Many non-consuming functions.
  • Noiseless operations.


  • You can’t steam fish or vegetables without a steaming function.

Samsung MC28H5013AS Combination Microwave Review

The Samsung MC28H5013AS Combination Microwave oven comes into play when matters relating to fast and reliable cooking are being discussed.

It boasts integrated ‘Cook with Ease’ cuisine so that you won’t have issues cooking healthy dishes anytime you wish to do so.

It allows you to cook with fresh ingredients, without wasting your time, to get full nutritional value from your meals at all times. You will like its Power Defrost function, which helps with fast food defrosting because the world is now busier than it used to be.

Your busy schedule should not stop you from getting all the desired benefits from organic food.

This microwave oven with grill is a perfect companion for every family that knows the value of well-prepared organic food. It is packed full of other plush features that you look forward to the next cooking session.

Its Fermentation Function is a plus, making it possible for you to make your yoghurt or bread. You will like its ECO Mode feature that helps you to reduce your energy bills because it makes use of lesser standby power.

Also, you can disable the turntable to allow for more space to cater for larger dishes.

With its Deodourisation function, you can be sure of optimum elimination of odour from ingredients with a strong smell.

Hence, the interior of your oven will smell fresh all the time no matter the type of food you decide to cook. It guarantees maximum flexibility as well as enhanced efficiency.

Besides, its ceramic enamel Interior is easy to clean to prevent the formation of disease-causing bacteria. It is scratch and dust resistant, hence, you should not expect any discolouration for a long time to come.


Its capacity stands at 28 litres, which is ideal for the whole family. With its power rating standing at 900 watts, there is an assurance of top-notch operations that will give the most desired outcome.

Other modes you will find on this microwave are Auto Reheat and Preheat, which guarantee even heating of your food.

It is compactly designed so that it won’t consume too much space in your kitchen. Weighing just 17.5 kilograms, it won’t give too much headache to manoeuvre, especially during installation.

The Energy Efficiency Class of this device ranges from A to G, hence, no one can dispute its ultimate effectiveness. There is the Turbo fan oven that helps with the fast preparation of a chicken, particularly when you are seriously hungry.

When you blend the microwave and fan oven functions, you will speed up the cooking process of your chicken or lasagna. It has  35 automatic programs that make it possible for you to enhance your kitchen flexibility.

You only need to choose the type of food as well as weight, and it will begin the process automatically, using perfect time as well as settings. Its interior is properly illuminated so that you won’t have issues monitoring the cooking, baking, and grilling processes.

Who is this Microwave Oven for?

It is ideal for families that are always on the move. With its plush features, getting the most satisfactory outcome will not be an issue.

What’s Included?

  • Round Oven Rack
  • Manual (6.86 MB)

Overview of Features

The Samsung MC28H5013AS Grill Microwave boasts top features like Power Defrost, Healthy Cooking, and so on. Its ceramic enamel interior makes it durable, easy to clean, and scratch-resistant. That is why it is very popular in many online reviews on microwave ovens.

You can disable its turntable so that there can be maximum utilization of its functions. Busy families can now be better organized for optimum efficiency. You can cook healthy meals without much hassle, make yoghurt at home, proof dough, and do other that will make your day enjoyable. If you are craving for quick and even preparation of a chicken, you can use the Turbo fan oven to get this done seamlessly.

How to Get the Most Out of It?

Switch to the Eco mode to use less standby power for maximum reduction of energy bills. Start your day with fresh bread or make yoghurt anytime with the Fermentation Function, which is very easy to use. Defrost your chicken as well as other frozen foods quickly with the Power Defrost function.


Q: Does it have light inside?

There is light inside so that you can easily monitor the proceedings in the oven.

Q: Does it have a turntable?

It has a turntable that you can disable when you need to heat larger dishes.

Q: What are the external measurements?

The external width measures 51.7 centimetres, height measures 31 centimetres while the depth measures 47.48 centimetres.

Q: Is the microwave any good?

The Samsung MC28H5013AS is a good product that you can put your money on. It performs daily tasks perfectly without ignoring even and thorough heating.

Q: What’s the top oven temperature?

Its top temperature stands at 200°C or 390°F so that you will be able to get the most satisfactory heating always.

Q: Does it have a timer?

It has a timer for the effective organisation of your cooking tasks.

Q: Can you use the grill on its own?

You can use the grill on its own, which gives credence to its 2-in-1 capability.

Q: Does it have a baking oven?

With its maximum temperature standing at 200°C or 390°F, you can use this oven to bake bread. Hence, you can enjoy your bread hot and fresh at all times.



Bosch Series 2 HMT75G451B Brushed Steel Freestanding Microwave with Grill

The Bosch Series 2 HMT75G451B is a 17-litre capacity microwave with 5 power levels. It boasts a turntable diameter of 245 millimetres for maximum effectiveness.

Its power rating stands at 800 watts and comes with an electronic timer.

With its brushed steel finish and 8 automatic programmes, it is certainly one of the most sought-after microwaves in the market right now.



The Samsung MC28H5013AS combination microwave is an ideal product for families always on the move.

It is packed full of amazing features that will certainly take your cooking to the next level.

It comes with a round oven rack, which complements the device for maximum effectiveness, especially when you desire quick results.

It’s a product to get for those desiring value for money.