Panasonic NN-CF87LBBPQ Review

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There are many models in the market you can choose from when purchasing a new microwave.

The flatbed microwaves are unique appliances, which are used for cooking food like the solo models.

They offer different cooking and heating capacity and are easy to clean. The flatbed microwaves use advanced technology to allow even cooking of food without rotating.

In today’s article, we will review one of the top-notch flatbed combination microwave Panasonic NN-CF87LBBPQ.


  • Greater cooking capacity
  • Good for Large Family
  • 3-in-1 Combination Microwave
  • Easy to clean
  • 32 Auto Programmes
  • It is durable
  • It can be used without a durable glass turntable
  • Modern touch control
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Easy to use
  • Accommodate more food



  • Expensive
  • The grill is not very effective for standalone

Panasonic NN-CF87LBBPQ 3-IN-1 Flatbed Microwave Oven Review

Panasonic has come up with this microwave that offers various easy solutions to prepare different fresh and healthy dishes.

It comes with 31 litres, which is perfect for family-size cooking and ideal for large dishes. Thanks to the minimal and simple design, it is ideal for saving space on the kitchen countertop.

Dual-level cooking is paramount, making it excellent for baking, roasting, and cooking food.

You will get the genius sensor to detect the heating conditions, helping you ensure excellent reheating and cooking results for each meal. The inverter is available, which precisely controls power for excellent heating without under or overcooking.

There is a wide range of nutritious and healthy ways to cook the favourite food faster for a more culinary experience.

The Panasonic NN-CF87LBBPQ microwave comes with an advanced sensor that detects the level of moisture being released from the food and calculates the cooking power and time required.

Also, it has 32 auto programmes, which help you enjoy an easy cooking experience like re-bake bread, auto cook, auto reheating, junior menu, and more.

The disadvantage of this article is that the toast dies out even before browsing and the grill does not go red. Likewise, the inside lighting is poor even though the cooking is good.

Who is this microwave oven for?

If you are looking for a top-notch  1000w microwave oven that will be suitable for large families, this 31L  3-IN-1 flatbed combination microwave is for you. Here you can read our other flatbed microwave review.

The unique thing is that it quickly and thoroughly cooks foods like enchiladas, rice cereals, bacon, risotto, and more. This is facilitated with the inverter technology that can ensure the evenly cooking of food and prevents unnecessary overheating.

You can heat food safely and quickly, with almost no mass. Also, it can be used to defrost food quickly and thoroughly.

You can use the microwave to reheat leftovers like pizza and steam-poached eggs and vegetables. With the Panasonic NN-CF87LBBPQ microwave, you will get the best possible cooking results by cooking scrambled eggs and preparing hot drinks like coffee or cocoa.

There are various cooking settings to prepare different types of food. Also, it has a built-in sensor, which can help you cook food without entering the power level, weight, or time.

Key Product Features

  • Capacity: 31L
  • Power: 1000 W
  • Power settings: 9
  • Auto programmes: 32


Product FAQs

Is the flatbed microwave better than the turntable microwave?

Yes, the flatbed microwave is better when compared to the turntable microwave because it tends to heat and cook food more evenly. You can eliminate the problem of constant reheating to get rid of the cold patches, depending on food residue.

How does the flatbed microwave work?

It uses the rotating antenna at the bottom to distribute the microwaves within the appliance. This rotating antenna works to replace the turntable seen in the traditional microwave oven and provides more interior space for larger meals.

Is the flatbed microwave worth it?

The flatbed microwave is worth it because it is ideal for those who do not use a regular oven but want to bake and cook with different cooking methods. Due to the high usable capacity, the device is useful when you want to fit irregular or bigger-shaped plates.


The Benefits You May Expect

  • It is powerful

The Panasonic NN-CF87LBBPQ microwave comes with auto settings, three levels, heats up fast, look and feel amazing, and cook everything perfectly. Also, it has auto roast chicken that is superb and auto pizzas, which are remarkably moist and soft in the middle and crisp on the outside.

  • Has a large internal capacity

It comes with a large internal capacity that makes the baking tins fit in easily. It suits very well and has a better height when compared to the older models. Also, it lasts for a long, but it is expensive.

  • It has a proven reliability

The Panasonic NN-CF87LBBPQ microwave cooks everything you may need without any problem. Likewise, it gives a better experience for all the work, which the older models do and displays the temperature when the microwave oven heats up.

  • Efficient and compact

It is well built, has many cooking combinations, and is easy to use. This makes you take some time to learn how to use it.

  • Wide, tall, more extensive outside but shallow inside

It is easy to use and has a good construction quality. It is well made, designed a large microwave, and is easy to clean. However, it has two drawbacks: a grill that is not effective, which means not suitable for standalone use and does not come with a panacruch because of reduced depth.

  • The glass is dark inside

One challenge with this microwave oven is that the glass inside is dark, and the lighting inside is very poor even though the cooking is good.

  • It has very weak internal light and expensive

It has a very weak internal light, and its front pad requires better backlighting or button labels. Likewise, it is very expensive than the previous models.

  • It is durable

It lasts for a long where after seven years, it works as if it is new. This is because of a well-built and high-quality material.

Alternative Product Comparison

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Bottom line

The Panasonic NN-CF87LBBPQ flatbed microwave is unique because they help to quickly and evenly cook different types of food. If your budget matches the price and expectation, you can go for it.