Microwave Not Working But Has Power

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A microwave makes things easier for you in the kitchen, especially when you need to reheat or defrost some food items. Sometimes the microwave draws the power, but it does nothing.

If your microwave stopped working suddenly, check for the primary reason and approach it with a suitable solution.

With some microwave troubleshooting, you can fix this cooking appliance without taking any external help. Calling a professional at your residence could be expensive, but you can save the amount by following the given tips.

Wrong instructions: Reprogram your microwave to get rid of any time delays. Then, press the Cancel/Start button when your meal is ready to reheat. Lastly, make sure the microwave’s door is closed correctly. Otherwise, it will not start.

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Active child lock: Most modern microwaves are available with child lock, stopping your kids from playing with the appliance. If your microwave not working but has power, find the button with the padlock button and press it for a few seconds. It will turn off the child lock, and the microwave will work as usual.

Set the clock: Some of the microwaves might not work until and unless you set their clock. If the power flow was interrupted, then the settings get erased. In such a situation, re-enter the instructions and set the timer.

Demo mode active: Lots of microwave ovens comes with a demonstration mode, which is helpful in the showroom. In demo mode, the appliance powers on and accepts the input but never activates its magnetron. It’s the component responsible for transmitting the microwaves to cook, heat or defrost your eatables.

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So, if your microwave not heating food but runs, it’s better to check its instructions manual and disable the demo mode.

The Microwave Is Not Powering On

If your microwave is not turning on, check whether the GFCI switch needs a reset. Make sure that the microwave’s power cord is plugged in correctly and if the GFCI is tripped. If the power cable is connected correctly and the GFCI outlet is not tripped, there might be trouble with the microwave fuse.

Apart from the microwave not powering on, you can check its fuse if the microwave working but not heating. A thermal fuse stops the current flow to your microwave to stop overheating.

Use a multimeter to check if the fuse has continuity. If this electrical component lacks continuity, then replace it.

Check the instructions manual to find the instructions or contact an expert.

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Malfunctions Due to Slammed Door

If you slammed the microwave’s door by mistake and now it’s not turning on, then inspect the fuse. Check its continuity using a multimeter. Replace this component if it’s blown.

Microwave Buzzing But Not Heating

If your microwave oven is humming but cannot cook or reheat, its power diode needs some attention. The power diode passes heat and blocks its flow in the opposite direction.

If this component is not functioning correctly, then your microwave cannot generate any heat.

Apart from that, you should check the high voltage capacitor responsible for storing the heat inside your microwave.

If the capacitor is faulty, your microwave will work, but it will not raise the temperatures. If the diode and capacitor are active, then you need to check the magnetron.

The magnetron is one of the crucial components of your microwave because it transmits the radiations that in turn heats and cooks your food.

If this part is not functioning correctly, then the microwave cannot do anything. Consult a professional to get the magnetron replaced, especially if you are a beginner.

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Are microwaves worth repairing?

If you have recently purchased the microwave, there are chances that the repair costs will be lower than its replacement. A high-quality microwave generally does not create any problems. However, you can follow the above mentioned tips to find the cause of your appliance is unable to work correctly.

If you cannot find the solution, then call a professional for help. Go for the replacement only if the microwave is too old or the repair costs are higher.

Is there a reset button on microwaves?

Most of the microwaves does not have a reset button. To hard reset your microwave, take out its power plug. Plug the cable with its outlet after 2 to 3 minutes. Press the power or start button on the microwave and set the time.

Can I fix my microwave myself?

A microwave oven is a simple kitchen appliance comprising a fuse, transformer, diode, capacitor, magnetron and some lights. If you have some experience with the electrical components and following given instructions, you can fix the microwave. On the other hand, if you are a beginner, it’s better to consult a professional.

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Final talk

Now you know what to do if the microwave is not working but has power. You can follow the given tips or replace any of the faulty parts as per the error.

Keep in mind that many electric charges remain in the microwave after you unplug its power cord.

So, trying to replace any internal parts without taking precautions might lead to electrical shocks. If you cannot find the solution, then contact the manufacturer or a local microwave expert.

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