Caravan Security Tips- How to Prevent Your Caravan From Being Stolen

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The caravan is a valuable item, and hence, prone to theft.

Therefore, it’s essential to keep your vehicle secure. Imagine how bad you will feel if someone breaks in or stole your holiday home.

Well, it’s how you use it when on a trip or holiday. So, do not allow anyone to plan against your mini residence.

Here are our caravan security tips to prevent your caravan from being stolen.

Secure the Doors and Windows

It will help if you cover the basics first. So, make sure all the doors and windows are locked whenever you leave the caravan alone for a while. We suggest that you check all the locks regularly and repair or replace them if they are faulty. Caravan window locks are also available to purchase. So, you can try them for added protection.

Secure the Towing Hitch

Hitch lock is one of the primary security devices you cannot ignore. If your caravan is unlocked, then anyone can hitch it with their car. You know what happens next.

Hitch locks are also one of the prerequisites for most caravan insurance establishments. Consult your insurer to make sure you are using a good hitch lock. For instance, Tevlaphee Ball Lock offers adequate protection against trailer theft. Once you order such a lock, make sure it’s activated when your car is not hitched with the caravan.

Secure the wheels

The wheel lock is another successful way to prevent caravan theft. As you can understand, a wheel clamp locks the caravan’s wheel so that no one else can tow it away. With hitch lock, wheel clamp is also a prerequisite by many insurers. Goodyear 022762 might be a perfect wheel lock for your caravan.

You can also use a heavy-duty metal chain to secure the caravan to a certain point. But, you might not find such a point while travelling. So, a chain is better when you are not on the move. Or you can use a chain and clamp both, primarily if you reside in a theft-prone area.

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Place an Alarm & CCTV Camera

The caravan is not very different from your residence. After all, you use it as a home when in the wild. It’s why we suggest that you set the alarm for your caravan as well. You can also use a CCTV camera.

Today’s security camera comes with motion sensors and tilt-detection alarms. More features mean there are high chances that a camera can detect a theft. Some of the insurers also offer a special discount if there is an alarm fitted in your caravan.

Choose a Secure Spot to Park Your Caravan.

Your holiday home remains vacant most of the time. So, its storage area is very crucial. Do you own a static caravan? Then, make sure that its location is locked and not accessible for outsiders. Plus, it’s better if the area has a security camera.

On the other hand, if you have a tourer, then follow the given tips.

  • Lock the caravan with a strong post at your residence
  • Keep the caravan’s front part first so that none of the thieves can easily attach it to a car.
  • Take out all the valuable items inside your house.
  • Open the curtains once you have taken everything out. Let the thieves see that there is nothing inside for which they can break-in.

Mark your Property

Well, it’s not prevention. But, there is something that can bring your caravan back if it’s stolen by chance. We are talking about a VIN chip, which can tell the police that the fleet is yours. A VIN chip contains the registration number of your caravan so that the cops can easily verify its ownership.

All the caravans manufactured after 2016 is equipped with a VIN chip. If yours does not have one, then you can order it here. We suggest that you put a sticker on the caravan stating that it’s a traceable police vehicle.

Besides, we recommend that you register the caravan on sites like Immobilise. UK Police force check such sites to find out the real owners of lost and stolen vehicles.

Use a tracking device.

A tracker is one of the best devices that can bring back your caravan. Once attached, a tracking device will let you know the exact location of the fleet on a smartphone app or desktop application. Some of the trackers also notify you on the smartphone if it detects any movement. So, you can instantly inform the police in case of any suspicious activity.

Such products are beneficial to track your caravan. So, let the thieves know that you have it already installed. Put a sticker that states that your property has a tracking device.

Be Watchful

Keep a close eye on your caravan. Check its surrounding areas frequently. If you are going out of the city, then let your neighbours know. So that they can inform the authorities immediately if someone acts suspiciously in or around your property, let the people know that you have not allowed anyone to use the caravan. So, they can inform the police if it moves.

Choose Secure Sites

If you are travelling, then it’s better to stay on secure campsites. Pick a site after checking its security system, especially CCTV cameras. If you cannot find anything online for a particular area, the next best option is to ask the local police station. It’s a bright idea, especially if you are travelling with family. Above all, drive around the site and make sure it is safe, then park your vehicle.

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The caravan security tips mentioned above can reduce the chances of the vehicle being stolen.

However, sometimes you cannot prevent an unfortunate incident even after all the precautions. It’s where caravan insurance comes into the picture.

So, it’s better to choose a reputable insurer that can offer protection against theft. Good luck.