GSM Home Alarm Systems- Advantage & Disadvantages

Last Updated on January 1, 2023 by Mosabbir

GSM home alarm system operates through the global system of mobile communications. You need to insert a sim card and power on the alarm system. Once the security device detects an intrusion, it uses the cellular network to dial one number from pre-stored contacts. It might call or send a text message depending upon the settings. The system will keep dialing the numbers one by one until and unless it receives a response.

Do not confuse between GSM and PSTN. The latter uses your telephone line to activate the alarm and call the pre-stored numbers. Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) will be disconnected if the burglar somehow damages the telephone line.

Advantages of GSM Home Alarm Systems?

Wireless GSM home alarm system is reliable to keep your home safe and protected. The primary reason is its connectivity. No one can shut it down by tampering with the power supply or cutting the telephone line. The system uses a cellular network and hence, it remains online even if there is no power supply.

Such security systems are wireless. This means the installation is easy and you can configure it anywhere on your property. As there are no cables involved, you are not bound to set the device on the walls. So, you can choose one of the most secure places to install the GSM alarm system.

Most of the GSM home protection devices are battery operated. So, you don’t have to worry about power. You can set it up anywhere without worrying about the connecting cables or generator supply in case of power failure.

You can install such a device without consulting a professional. So, you don’t have to pay extra for the installation. If you live in a rented flat, then you can consider the GSM system because of its versatility and flexibility. Whenever you need to shift the flat, take it along.

Disadvantages of GSM Home Alarm Systems

As we were discussing, GSM house security systems use a SIM card to operate. So, you need to pay its monthly rental just like a mobile phone.

Such a security system involves additional costs of an alarm control panel, security cameras, door/windows opening sensors, and other motion detectors if required. So, keep in mind that the initial cost of setting up a GSM system at your residence could be higher than you expect.

Be aware that the GSM device will not be functional if a burglar uses network jammers to disturb the cellular network. As this is a mobile network-based mechanism, the jammer will stop its functionalities.

In any case, you are not on the mobile network, the security system will not be able to inform you about the break at your residence.

GSM home alarms are comparatively less flexible than smart security devices. For instance, you cannot watch the movements in or around your house in real-time. Or you cannot control a smart video doorbell from a different location.

How Do You Receive The Alert From Your Home?

Once the GSM security system detects an intrusion, do you know what it does? We were discussing that it can call all the pre-stored number. Let’s discuss the same in detail.

Triggers siren alarm: The GSM protection system starts emitting a loud siren to alert you, your family members, and all the people around your house that something wrong is happening. The alarm is very loud and hence, there are chances that it might push the burglar to leave your house without stealing anything.

Send you a security alert: The GSM system will use the cellular network to send you an alert or notification that there is a security breach in your house. For this function to be operational, you need to save your mobile number on the device. You can take action once you receive the message; irrelevant to your location. You can also save up the home security provider’s number in the system.

Why GSM home alarm system is useful?

Such a device keeps you updated about any unwanted situation that might happen when you are not at home.

GSM alarm system informs you via a simple text message or call. Hence, you can respond and call the police immediately. No matter you are around the house or out of the city, the system will inform you about the miss happening and you can act accordingly.

This home security system can also inform your security company that is responsible to keep your house safe. Once aware of the situation, they can deal with the problem by informing the local authorities.

Wireless connectivity is another helpful feature of the GSM system because it allows you to control it remotely. You can activate or deactivate it from any place.



GSM alarm systems add power to your home security system. It’s a beneficial addition because the intruders cannot disarm it by damaging the power or telephone lines. Plus, such devices are available at a budget-friendly price. To enjoy all the benefit, make sure you are staying in an area where GSM signals are available.