Bog in a Bag Portable Folding Toilet UK

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BoginaBag is a unique portable toilet that is lightweight and robust.

Festival goers, campers, parents and many more of you, told us you loved it for the simple fact that it provided you with a solution to that age-old question, Needing to go when there’s nowhere to go!

Folding out as a seat and having the function to be a toilet that is hygienic and uses no chemicals, making it totally unique!

boginabag toilet

But why stop there? We began to think that our customers needed more products that made life easier.

Kate Castle

It all began 2008 when Kate Castle was camping in Dorset. Fed up with trekking across a dark wet campsite to go to the toilet she realised there had to be a better option.

Reluctant to purchase a bulky chemical based toilet and finding nothing more suitable she decided it was time to come up with a better option.

It took two years to get the product to market but by 2010 BoginaBag was selling well and receiving some fantastic press. Keen to move the product forward Kate took the decision in 2011 to enter the “Dragons Den.”

After a two-hour grilling and three offers she walked away with a new business partner and the dragon she wanted.


Kate Castle lives in Winchester with her partner and two children. She balances her time between managing the business and looking after her children.

Her interests include camping, cooking and watching trashy telly! “There is nothing more exciting than seeing your idea come alive and develop into a vibrant and growing brand.” Kate

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