Best Small Microwave UK

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What to do when you live in a small home or apartment and need a microwave oven?

This blog post will help you find the best small microwaves for your needs.

We have researched and found the top 6 smallest microwaves on the market.

We hope this list will make it easier for you to compare features, prices, and available colors before making your purchase decision.

Our Top Best Smallest Microwaves in the UK

1. Swan SM22036WHTN Nordic Digital Microwave

  • Installation Type: Countertop
  • Cooking capacity: 20 liters
  • Power: 800W

A microwave could be boring if you are using it every day. But, the situation changes when you have Swan SM22036WHTN Nordic digital microwave. It has a perfect balance between features and ease of use. Plus, the appliance is stylish and is available at a pocket-friendly price tag. These are reasons why it’s the best small microwave oven UK.

Swan SM22036WHTN is available in four attractive colors. All of them have a mirrored door that gives you a luxurious feel. It turns a bit transparent when you use the microwave.

The digital microwave has a matte soft-touch exterior surface. Also, its wood effect dial and handle look beautiful in your kitchen. Moreover, the handle has a rubber finish that gives you a soft and firm grip.

The size of this microwave is 20 liters, and its turntable is worth 270mm. It has a wattage of 800W, which is sufficient to deal with most of the tasks. So, this model can easily accommodate medium to large-sized plates.


  • Stylish appearance
  • Six power levels for quick and easy cooking
  • Works without making much noise
  • Ideal for both residential and commercial usage


  • The beeps might be annoying


2. Hotpoint MWH 1331 B Curve Solo Microwave

  • Installation type: Countertop
  • Cooking capacity: 13 litres
  • Power: 700W

If you need a compact solo microwave, then Hotpoint MWH 1331 B is one of the best options to try. This model has a curved design, which allows you to fit it into a small corner.

Plus, the small footprint is also helpful if you have a small home kitchen or you need a cooking appliance for your motorhome.

Hotpoint MWH 1331 B is straightforward to use. Choose a power level, time and push the start button. As easy as you can read it.

Open the microwave’s door, and you will see a 280mm turntable, which can accommodate most of your plates. Still, this model is not suitable for a large family. Instead, it’s a perfect purchase for a family of 2 to 3 members.

The black front looks stylish and is fingerprint resistant, which is impressive. Plus, this corner microwave has five power levels. Moreover, the appliance allows you to defrost in two different ways; by weight or time.


  • Compact and suitable for tiny cooking areas
  • It gives you the complete worth of your investment
  • Multi-wave cooking technology for quick results


  • Small cooking capacity
  • Tend to steam up


3. Swan SM22090COPN Digital Microwave

  • Installation type: Countertop
  • Cooking capacity: 20 litres
  • Power: 800W

The stylish Swan SM22090COPN is perfect if you enjoy jacket potatoes and soups. Plus, its auto-defrost is excellent and offers desired results without taking much time. Also, the digital microwave is easy to use. Moreover, its turntable is dishwasher safe.

The stylish kitchen appliance has mirrored door with a copper finish and stainless steel door. A cooling capacity of 20 liters is perfect for small to medium-sized families. So, whether you talk about style or functionality, this model can overshadow most of the other microwaves available within this price range.

Swan SM22090COPN comes with five power levels. So, it’s perfect if you want to reheat read to cook meals or prepare something new. No matter which level you choose, the appliance gives you perfectly cooked food items that can be enjoyed at any time.

The digital microwave has a 228mm turntable, which is somewhat smaller. But, you can take it by looking at the price tag. The turntable is made of tempered glass, which is easy to clean. Great for busy professionals.


  • Stylish and attractive
  • Generous cooking capacity at a pocket-friendly price tag
  • Five power levels
  • Very easy to use


  • Challenging to check the food item when it’s cooking


4. Bosch HMT75M451B Series 2 Freestanding Microwave Oven

  • Installation type: Countertop
  • Cooking capacity: 20 litres
  • Power: 800W

Bosch HMT75M451B is one of the best small microwaves because it does what you need. This model is perfect if you need a fast and easy-to-use microwave. Also, it’s a great purchase if you need all the essential functions in a compact and long-lasting design.

As we expect from Bosch, this freestanding microwave is a straightforward cooking appliance. It has five power levels to choose from. So, please select one of them according to the recipe, set the time, and push start. Isn’t it simple?

Bosch HMT75M451B has a power of 800W, which is sufficient for a wide variety of heating and defrosting jobs. Plus, you can choose from 5 power levels. So, if you reheat or defrost every weekend or more frequently, then it might be a perfect purchase.

Apart from multiple power levels, this microwave has four weight automatic defrost programs, three weight automated cooking programs, and one memory function. Its cooking capacity of 17 liters is excellent if you are living in a small to medium-sized family.


  • Long-lasting brushed steel finish
  • Five power levels
  • Memory function
  • Easy to install under a kitchen wall cabinet


  • The beeps are endless until and unless you open its door.


5. Russell Hobbs RHMD804CP 17 L 800 W Copper Solo Digital Microwave

  • Installation type: Countertop
  • Cooking capacity: 17 litres
  • Power: 800W

Available in a stylish cooper shade, Russell Hobbs RHMD804CP stands out because of its reasonable price tag and compact footprints. Plus, this solo microwave is easy to use due to its eight auto-cook menus. So, if you have limited available space in your cooking area, then it’s one of the best options to try.

The intelligent appliance has a cooking capacity of 17 liters. It has five power levels that make your cooking time easy and convenient. All thanks to the auto-cook menus, you can reheat and prepare lots of recipes at the push of a button.

Russell Hobbs RHMD804CP has a cooking power of 800W, which is sufficient to deal with most eatables. Plus, the appliance has automatic defrost settings that you can via enter the weight of food items. Apart from that, its glass turntable is dishwasher safe, which helps you to clean the microwave quickly.


  • Easy and logical controls
  • Suitable for small kitchens due to compact design
  • Accommodate most of the plates
  • Five power levels and eight auto-cook menus


  • Contacting the manufacturer is tough and time-taking


6. Russell Hobbs RHMM701C 17 Litre 700 W Cream Solo Manual Microwave

  • Installation type: Countertop
  • Cooking capacity: 17 litres
  • Power: 700W

Are you looking for a compact, affordable and stylish solo microwave? Russell Hobbs RHMM701C might be the perfect purchase for convenient usage, easy maintenance, and a pocket-friendly price tag. With a power of 700W, it can prepare most of the food items without taking much time.

Due to an attractive design, silver handle, and rounded colors, Russell Hobbs RHMM701C is a microwave you would like to show off instead of keeping a secret. Plus, this model is comparatively close-packed, so you won’t have to sacrifice a lot of counter space to use it. The manual microwave does not have a digital panel. Instead, you will see a couple of manual dials that are very easy to use.

You can clean the RHMM701C using a damp cloth. The front mirror finish door is susceptible to fingerprints. So, you might wipe it off every day.


  • Attractive and stylish appearance
  • Easy to fit into a small kitchen
  • Simple to use
  • Offers complete worth of your investment


  • Prone to fingermarks
  • It might take some time to cook some of the eatables


Who Needs a Small Microwave?

For people with small kitchens, a microwave oven is an essential appliance. It’s perfect for reheating leftovers or cooking up a quick snack. But not all microwaves are created equal!

One of the most important factors in finding the right microwave oven is size.

Do you have room for it? How much space do you have around your stove-top?

If space isn’t an issue then take note of these other features like power, price, and ease of use when considering the best unit for your family’s kitchen needs.

What To Consider When Buying a Tiny Microwave?

Choosing a microwave can be difficult, but you should always keep in mind the available counter space.

The first thing that you’ll need to consider is which features are most important to you.

Do you want the option of convection cooking? How about an interior light?

What about convenience features like auto-cooking programs, sensor cooking, and one-touch buttons for common tasks like defrosting or reheating food?

All of these things will affect the size and price of your microwave stove and we’ve outlined them all below with our top picks in each category.

How do You know what size microwave to buy?

If your kitchen is small or cluttered with appliances then it’s best to choose microwaves that have smaller capacities and are able to fit on top of most dinner plates. Microwave size also depends on what dishes will typically be used for cooking.

The standard microwave size is 0.5 cubic feet, which can accommodate a dinner plate up to 10 inches in diameter; this works well for most people who are cooking small meals and won’t need any room leftover on their countertops.

For those of you that like to cook bigger portions or have more space at your disposal, it’s smart to buy one with the capacity large enough for anything from 16-inch pizza boxes all the way up through pots and pans measuring 24 by 18 inches–this will give you plenty of wiggle room when it comes time to do some serious holiday prep!


If you need a compact cooking solution for small kitchens, Swan SM22036WHTN is our top pick as the best small microwave oven UK.

It’s a miniature cooking appliance but packs a power of 800W that’s comparable to a regular microwave.

Other models are equally impressive. So, try one of them according to your requirements.