How To Drain Down A Static Caravan – Guide For Caravan

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When you’re not using your static caravan, it’s important to properly drain down the water system to avoid any unpleasant surprises when you next use it. This guide will walk you through how to drain down a static caravan.

Following these simple instructions, you can ensure your holiday home is ready for use each time you visit!

What Is Caravan Drain Down?

Caravan drain down is emptying the water tanks and pipes from a static caravan in preparation for colder weather.

This procedure helps to prevent burst pipes, frost damage, and other potential problems that could arise from leaving water in a caravan during winter months.

Why Drain Down A Static Caravan?

There are several reasons why you should drain down your static caravan before the cold weather arrives. Firstly, it prevents frozen pipes which can be expensive to repair or replace if they burst during extreme temperatures.

Secondly, draining down will help reduce mildew and mold growth within the caravan caused by condensation build-up on the walls and ceilings. Finally, draining down a static caravan will help maintain its longevity by reducing corrosion and contributing to overall maintenance.

how to drain down a static caravan

How To Drain Down A Static Caravan?

Before draining down your static caravan, please turn off the water supply and fill the toilet bowl until it is approximately half full. This will help prevent backflow into the pipes when you start draining them.

1) Begin by draining all non-mains connected tanks, such as hot water cylinders, cold water tanks, and fluid tanks (such as antifreeze). Next, remove each tank’s drain plugs or valves to allow the liquid to escape. If necessary, use a pump or siphon to remove fluids from larger containers.

2) First, flush out all toilets and sinks with clean water to ensure they are clear of debris.

3) Now that the tanks and drains have been emptied, it is time to turn off all water-activated appliances, such as washing machines and dishwashers. Doing so will reduce the risk of residual water being left in the pipes or hoses, which could freeze during cold weather.

4) Lastly, you should use a hosepipe or blow torch to flush out all external taps and showerheads with hot air to remove any remaining accumulation of water inside them. Once complete, store these items in a safe place if you plan on leaving your caravan for an extended period.

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How To Identify The Water Drainage Point On Your Caravan?

When draining down your static caravan, it is important first to identify its water drainage point. This will usually be located at the vehicle’s rear and should have a cap you can unscrew to access the drainage pipe.

Once this has been identified, you should check that there is no blockage in the lines by running some water through them before draining them down. If a backup does exist, this must be cleared before continuing.

Importance Of Draining Down A Static Caravan

Draining down a static caravan is an important maintenance task that should be done regularly. It helps prevent damage to the plumbing system, prevents water freezing in winter inside pipes and ensures any wastewater is drained away safely.

In addition, it also adds an extra layer of security against theft or vandalism by locking away drain-off points.

When Should You Drain Down A Static Caravan?

Drain down a static caravan when it is not used for extended periods, such as during the winter. This will help protect your unit from damage caused by freezing temperatures and reduce the risk of damage from water ingress or other weather-related issues.

Draining down your caravan should be done at least every six months and before leaving it empty for more than two weeks. It’s important to ensure you drain everything properly so that no water remains in any pipes or tanks, which could freeze and cause damage to your caravan.

What Not To Do When Draining Down Your Caravan?

When draining down your static caravan, there are certain precautions and rules to follow. Here are a few things not to do when draining down:

1. Don’t leave the tap open when going away for long periods. The water in the pipes can freeze over time and cause damage to the pipes, which could lead to expensive repairs.

2. Don’t forget to turn off your water heater before draining it. Not only will this help prevent any water from spilling out of the tank, but it could also be dangerous if left on while empty.

3. Don’t attempt to drain anything other than fresh water from your caravan’s hot water system or taps- as this could cause problems with plumbing or electrical systems inside your caravan.

how to drain down a static caravan

4. Don’t use harsh chemicals or abrasive materials when unblocking a drain or pipe – this could damage the caravan’s internal systems, leading to costly repairs.

5. Don’t forget to check the outside of your caravan’s water tank for any visible signs of leakage before draining it down – as this could cause a bigger problem in the long run if not spotted and fixed early on.

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Tips For Ensuring All The Water Has Drained Out Properly

Here are some top tips for ensuring that all of the water has drained out properly:

1. Start by turning off the main supply valve at the main hook-up point. This will prevent any additional water from entering the system whilst you work on draining out what is already there.

2. Turn off all taps and valves inside the caravan, including those connected to showers, toilet cisterns and basins.

3. Open all taps, including the shower, to allow any remaining water to drain out completely.

4. Once you’re satisfied that all the water has been fully drained out of the caravan, turn off all taps and valves one last time to ensure they are properly closed.

5. Double-check that all external doors and windows are tightly shut to prevent rainwater from coming in over the winter months. Leaving even a small gap can cause serious damage, so check thoroughly before leaving your static caravan for a long time!

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Final Words

Draining down a static caravan is important to ensure your holiday home is safe and secure over the winter months. It takes a few hours of your time, but it’s worth the effort for peace of mind that you are ready for the next season.

Carefully check all the steps mentioned above to make sure every component is drained correctly and avoid costly damage in the future.