How Long To Cook a Potato in The Microwave Oven?

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Baked potatoes are healthy and delicious, full of fibre, magnesium, vitamin C, iron and potassium, offering both nutrition and flavour.

It’s a simple snack to some, but it’s a dish itself to others, especially if you crown them with attractive toppings.

Baked potatoes are a wholesome way to add heft to the plate and are relatively inexpensive.

However, you may be wondering how long you should cook a potato in a microwave oven.

Fortunately, the detailed guide below will help you understand the duration to cook a potato in a microwave.

Peeled vs. Unpeeled Potato

A fresh potato is almost 80% water, and the microwave usually uses the water in the potato to create steam. The water changes into steam when microwaved, creating a moist environment that cooks the potato. First, you will need to clean the potato, mainly if you want to eat it with its skin.

Thoroughly scrub it to get off the dirty skin, rinse and dry it well. If you do not puncture the potato’s skin, you retain more steam inside the potato, allowing it to cook fast.

Below is an easy, quick way to fulfil your cravings without taking a lot of time in the kitchen.

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Poke it

Stab your potato all through using a fork to allow steam to escape. If you skip this step, the potato may explode inside your microwave in the process of heating.

It also helps your potato to take a fluffy texture when cooked. Ensure you dry off your potato from the wash if you want the skin to turn a bit crispy before you microwave it.

Also, you can massage your potato with a little bit of oil. However, if you peel your potato, the steam will be freely escaping, and there won’t be any need for poking.

Microwave it

Cooking times varies depending on the density and size of your potato. Flip your potato with a pair of tongs after 3-4 minutes, and continue cooking for an additional 3 minutes.

It’s advisable to add more time to get a creamy, perfectly tender baked potato. Transfer the microwaved potato carefully to a sheet pan.

Smear some oil on them until you coat the potatoes evenly. This step requires carefulness as the potatoes are directly from the microwave and very hot. Over the potatoes, sprinkle some salt on each potato to form a coating.

Proceed and place them on the middle oven rack and put the baking sheet below the shelf to collect any dripping. Bake them until the skins are crispy.

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Top it

You can use toppings of your choice to have an exciting meal at the end. Load it with a dollop of sour cream, your favourite fresh herbs, a pinch of pepper and a bit of butter. You may add some cheese and put it back in the microwave for just a minute to melt, then top with crispy bacon. You can then serve it hot.


In conclusion, you will finally get an evenly cooked potato with crispy skin if you directly cook the potatoes on the oven rack. However, if you prefer cooking them instead of roasting for the flaky brown skin, you can wrap each potato with aluminium foil.

Keep in mind that the exact cooking duration mainly depends on the power rating of the microwave oven and the potato pieces you are cooking.


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